Why you absolutely must use weft extensions for your WEDDING HAIRSTYLES?

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We here at APO certainly love our weddings. As a company with roots planted deep in Asian culture and its customs, a wedding is a big celebration and a chance for great socializing. You need to be at a Vietnamese wedding to truly appreciate how dedicated we are and how next-level things could be taken up to. We care about your wedding hairstyles just as much as we love throwing a big party with a big feast. I also think you don’t want to look back on that day when watching the footage with regret. That’s why adding some weft extensions to your final looks might be the most impactful thing you can do.


Just imagine your hairstyles as a bride to be perfect and enchanting, sounds like music to my ear. But sometimes that perfect looks need a bit of help from hair extensions. In this article, let’s see why some of the brides have decided to incorporate weft extensions for their big days. If you still don’t know a good place to find weft extensions, please reach out to APOHAIR’s sales rep as we are here to help.

Achieve more volume with your extensions

Each hair strand grow differently

You never have to worry about hair length, and your long shiny hair always gets people’s compliments and you plan to let your hair run down in wavy locks on your big day. Unfortunately, your hair starts to thin out drastically after it passes the shoulder level. Many girls have these issues since each of your hair strands will fall and grow at a different rate. An old hair strand falls down also means a new one will start growing in its place. This would mean that the hair near your scalp would be the thickest and the hair near the end would be the thinnest.


Add volume and thickness with weft extensions

Now, this is where weft extensions come in handy. You can easily add thickness to your natural bio hair by various attachment techniques. Literally, breathe life to your old hair and get to wear the most luscious, most amazing locks of your life. We can already imagine your new thick hair flow down naturally in the patterns of your choice under a beautiful white veil.
If you have a certain kind of updo in your minds or wanting to put your hair in braids, having a few extra weft extensions in your hair mix would totally transform you into the beautiful brides that you always pictured in your head.

Wefts for longer hair

Having long, smooth hair has always been traditionally regarded as the symbol of women’s feminine quality. A stream of shiny golden blond weft or thick locks of curly black hair flows down to your waistline would make for memorable moments for years to come. We all love women with long hair not only because they are gorgeous but also because that’s how we envision brides, sisters, and princesses.
Even something quick like clip in weft hair extensions will be sufficient to transform your short natural hair to something natural, real, and dazzling. Just make sure you take your weft to a professional stylist. They will give you the custom cut and styling necessary to make it all blend together nicely.


Have it on your mood board? Done!

Weft extension to rescue that look

You have been thinking endlessly about that looks on Instagram? After so much research, you have narrow down the photo of your future hairstyles on a Pinterest board? A girl can always dream about the most far-fetched ideas. But a real human hair weft extension is what would bridge this gap. You need a full, fat bun for your veil to sit pretty on but have thin natural hair. You want curly hair but your natural hair will be damaged easily and would lose the curl at the end of the day.

Professional help is ideal for certain types

This is the time to put an end to these constant train of worrying thoughts. More length and more volume mean anything is possible. While many of the girls would utilize clip-in hair as a quick DIY or just ask the makeup artist to do their hair for them, there are also other alternatives.


A bigger investment would be taking your weft extensions to your hairstylist for a trial. They can tape your weft for you or even do a sew-in. Sewn-in is wonderful for people who have naturally thick hair, who can hide their weft hair underneath.
With so much choice and options open for you, we think you need to consult with your hairstylists, your makeup person to narrow down the weft that would complete your looks. Whether the choice would be between black and blond wefts, curly or straight, the length or the weight, there will always be something out there for you. Alternatively, you can talk to us as we are also very familiar with these situations.

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