Why go for human hair weft over synthetic ones?

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As devout wig-lovers, we girls here at APO do have our fair share of experience with wigs and machine weft. We always do our best to give our customers the best possible choice as well as speedy service and delivery. But as a 100% human hair vendor, we received a lot of inquiries from our guests whether human hair weft is the right choice for their wigs or maybe synthetic hair could be a better one. We also had a common question regarding if the price they often see for human hair weft can be completely justified. Today we want to share with you dear readers our knowledge and expertise in these matters to help you navigate the crowded hair market. For the blog post, I also talked to some a salon owner and industry veteran to pick her brain on these matters.

Human hair weft is more durable

One of the most common reasons why someone may decide to go for a human hair weft over the synthetic counterpart is how long it lasts. Human hair is superior in this aspect and they are the clear champion. If you plan on wearing your wigs for a long time (realistically from one to two years), you should definitely get a human hair weft and other components.

Beatrice Layla, one of our long time customer from the Netherlands, told us: “I only recommend my customer synthetic wigs when all they want is a few uses out of their wig, while any lady who needs something they will get endless use of can’t go wrong with human hair items.”

01-human-hair-weftStyle the heck out of your hair extensions

Human hair wefts just like your own hair can withstand heat treatments to a certain degree. Since human hair wefts are heat friendly, don’t worry about busting out your hot rollers or curling irons.

You can’t say the same things for synthetic hair. Currently, on the market, there is some synthetic hair material that can be heat treated. But they would also degrade much faster and would not react to your flat irons the same way your real hair would. Most synthetic material you see on the market these days would melt when they come into contact with heat. Ask your suppliers the right questions when you decide to get one online, so there will be no surprise.

Don’t mind taking care of your  human hair weft

The care you put in will reward you

Human hair extensions need to be cared for in a more labor-intensive manner than their synthetic counterpart. You absolutely need to baby your natural hair weft if you can. Fortunately, this will reward you in the form of long ownership and many use. This guide we wrote a while ago would show you how to wash a wig.

Pre-packaged styling only02-human-hair-weft

Beatrice Layla also thinks due to this matter some girls can really benefit from using a synthetic hair weft. After all, some women are too busy to care for the conditioning, washing, and styling that a Remy hair wig would usually require. Everything is already done for you when it comes to synthetic. Layla lay it out for us: “Synthetic hair texture and styling would remain unchanged if you follow the instruction on the box. If you think washing wigs is a chore, then give synthetic a try. After all, they are so cheap.”

Want to put on some weave for your big night?

Got a big night out where you are the center of the spotlight? Then we think human hair weft and extension would be a no-brainer. Layla confesses to us these shocking numbers: “9 out of 10 girls would not be able to fathom the idea of a square hairline and plastic-looking strands. Nobody would take a chance at their wedding or graduation ceremony you know.” As technology is advancing more and more, synthetic wigs are catching up in terms of realness. But for big nights, our brides and hero women know they can’t not risk appear with a plasticky lace frontal or unnatural hair movement. After all, you only marry or receive that special awards once in your lifetime.

Want to color treat your hair extensions?03-human-hair-weft You will destroy synthetic wigs completely if you decide to color treat them like your real hair. They however can be dyed if you use a special type of fabric dye and polyester. Since these processes are only known amongst hairstylists who specialized in synthetic and the results could be hit or miss. For natural human hair, the dyeing process is the same and you can take your wigs to the place that is doing all those work for you with little different.

Many of our clients swear by APOstore’s reliability and ability to fulfill orders. We hope that any of you who haven’t explored human hair extensions will at least take a serious look. I hope that through reading our blogs, you can start making an informed choice on where to buy hair weft as this sector promise a lot of growth and returning happy customers. As one of the largest wholesales vendors in Vietnam, we are committed to a high standard work ethic.

We hope to become a great companion and reliable partner to all salon owners all over the world. Our range of 100% human hair weave continues to satisfy end-users and business buyers alike. Contact us if you need further inquiries or just some pleasant chatter.

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