What are the best hair weaves for black women?

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We have heard as well as received a lot of question-related to hair weave. For a long time, the topic of weave hair extensions is quite controversial. Some people wonder why African women seem to wear so many weaves while others don’t. What is the difference among many types of weave hairstyles? What are the best hair weaves for black women. Apohair knows we cannot explain all those questions in a couple of thousand-word blog post on our website. However, we will do our best to tell you some truth about it.

What are weaves?

To determine the best types of weaves for black women, it’s vital that we have some basic knowledge about weave hair extensions? Weave hair is one of the most traditional methods of hair extensions that have been women’s partner for a long time. In this traditional method, people often use sewing method to achieve a perfect weave hairstyle. Weave hair will be sewn directly to the braids on your natural hair. These braids are also called leave-out.

Is it necessary to wear a weave hair?

  • Weave promises to give you a new look

It is clear that sew-in weave brings gorgeous and thick locks to many women. Of course, we cannot forget to talk about weave’s role in enhancing African American black women’s appearance. Having a set of weave hair right from the beginning is the important step to create that relaxed-but-still-put-together look women always crave. However, together with the development of our society, there are more and more countries that start to develop hair industry. In that race, we cannot forget to list some famous types of hair these days. They are Malaysian hair, Mongolian hair, Brazilian hair and Vietnamese hair. The statement also reveals that every 2 seconds, a weave hair or wig will be purchased by a foreigner. That’s one of the most typical signals allowing us to determine how important it is to wear weave hair.

02 hair weaves

  • Weave helps to improve the state of thinning hair

 It may be amazing but you should know that Europe is rich in “baldness”. It’s not an exciting experience but in this continent, both men and women just cannot escape from the curse of hair loss. Under those circumstances, hair extensions, wig or hairpiece have become their close friends. The data from the American “Glamour” magazine states that half of Hollywood’s hair is fake. This has partly explained why we see that celebrities usually appeared with different hairstyles day by day. How can it is when a star with short hair can be another one with long hairstyle the day after. Weave hair, in particular, and hair extensions, in general, are perfect choices for famous stars to constantly renew their images.

Why black women wear the best hair weaves?

To understand this, you should update that the incidence of alopecia in black women is 0.4%, which is four times higher than that of white women (0.09%). In addition, due to climate, history, society, physiology as well as many other reasons, there are only two traditional hairstyles left by black women. The first is kinky hair – a natural hair weave that black women do not tend to modify. The second is the braid hairstyles. To achieve a complete braid, black women need to go to professional barbershops to have their hair cut naturally to only three or five centimeters. After that, the hairdresser will use steel needle to weave hair extensions into natural hair to form a wig. It can be human hair, animal hair or synthetic hair. They need at least three or four hours for the entire process of weave installation.

03 hair weaves

If black women desire to have more attempts in styling, human hair weave will become the very first choice. This is just like our girls who always love to change clothes. They will buy new hair extensions which can meet their demand for new style. Of course, those hair need to have reasonable prices. That’s why black girls choose weave hair. In general, hair extensions are considered quick and easy methods for women in the Western world. After, why do you need to keep waiting for your own hair grow longer when you can completely seek a more rapid alternative?

Pros and cons of a hair weave

Weighing the pros and cons of a hair weave is the very first part if you are considering getting a new hair weave.

  • Pros of a hair weave

  • Fast result

One possible purpose of wearing wig is that women want to change their hairstyle temporarily in a hurry. Typically, a sew-in hair extension takes from three to four hours to complete, depending on the extent of the weave. This is good news for women who are fickle with their hair and love to change it up. Weave comes in various colors, textures, which makes sure that you don’t need to dye your hair with harsh chemicals to get new hair color.

  • Increase your hair length and volume

As we have said in the previous part of this blog post, waiting months until your hair is longer is not an interesting experience if you are really fond of some long hairstyle. Black women with shorter hair, of course, will not want to wait months or years for their hair to grow out. In this situation, a hair weave is an ideal solution. You will be able to get your favorite hair length or thickness without having to wait for your own hair to grow day by day. For example, in APO’s hair collection, a hair weave comes in lengths up to 32 inches, an ideal hair length. It is so awesome, right?

  • Cons of weaving method

The most typical con of a weave is that it can be an expensive habit to start. Each weaving session costs around $150 and this process needs doing every three months. That’s why we need to inform you that the weaving/sew-in method can be an expensive beauty routine to keep up. However, the price of weave hair is quite flexible. In APO’s store, we sell our weave hair at wholesale prices. If you really want to add length and volume to your natural hair by weaving method, considering our product can also be a feasible option.

04 hair weaves

How long does a weave last?

As we estimate, sew- in weave can last from 3 months to 3 years. The longevity of the weave depends on many factors. Basically, it depends on how good the hair’s quality is and how well you can take care of it. Often, hair weave can last up to 6 months. In fact, with proper hair care, the weave style can definitely last longer (about 1-2 years).

How long can you keep the best hair weaves in?

Actually, the amount of time you can keep the weave style depends on your hair type, hair texture or even your skin type. In addition, it can depend on the type of weave you are owning. The fact, as well as the experience, tell that weave often gets shorter lifespan than wigs of approximately three to four weeks. Then, how often should you shampoo the weaves? This process is important as you also need to take care of weave hair extensions like the way you love your natural hair. The frequency of washing your weave depends on how many times a week you are wearing human hair weave. However, we suggest that you shouldn’t wash the hair too much as washing hair can loosen the braid base.

05 hair weaves

Can I dye or style the weave as I want?

There are two main materials workers use to make hair extensions: human hair and synthetic hair. If you are having human hair extensions, then the answer is yes. Human hair weave allows you to style or dye it any color you love. Especially, virgin human hair from Apohair will let you do that in the most natural way. With synthetic weave, things seem to be more difficult. The reason is that synthetic fiber will easily melt at high temperatures, which means the use of hair straightener or hair curler will be limited.

Can I take the weave out at home?

06 hair weaves

Apohair’s weave straight black hair

Absolutely, you can take it out at home anytime you like as the process is not as hard as it may seem. The speed of taking it out depends on how quick and skillful you are in the step of cutting the thread around the corners. In general, the process takes about 1 hour.

Apohair provides a lot of hair weaves for black women. If you girl wants to change your look with a perfect weave hairstyle, contact us. We have thousands of options for a new hairstyle in our stock. We expect that our blog is useful and you will be more beautiful, confident with the installation of our hair extensions.

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