Updating your appearance with the best 14 inch hair extensions

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In the past, using hair extensions or wigs used to be something that is not really favored by the public or even absolutely not supported by some people. However, when society gets considerable change, hair extensions become one of the leading methods of changing beauty for women. We will and also cannot deny the aesthetic benefits that hair extensions have offered us. Hair extensions, just within a short period of time, have brought our girls a better look with their new thicker and longer hairstyle. If you are seeking a perfect option for a medium-length hair extension, 14 inch hair extension is exactly for you.

01 14 inch large

What are 14 inch hair extensions?

14 inch hair extensions describe a type of hair extensions which is 14 inch in length. 14 inch hair extensions help meet the demand of many customers when they are in need of a quite medium length hairstyle. The fact is that the advantages, as well as benefits that hair extensions bring us, may have been clearly determined by almost all of us. Not only in big events such as weddings, parties, using hair extensions is going to provide us a better look even in our daily life.

02 14 inch large

How long is 14 inch hair?

When we talk about 14 inch hair, most of the users concern about the length of the hair. Some people are afraid that this is not a really ideal length for their satisfied hairstyle. However, don’t worry. 14 inch hairstyle will have an armpit length, which is about 35 cm in length. This kind of hair extension is chosen by many girls because it expresses feminine beauty for many people. Especially, if you know how to blend it well with your real hair, no one can detect it.

hair length

What are the typical types of 14 inch hair extensions?

When we talk about 14 inch hair extensions, you might consider that this description is still general. That’s why in this past, we are going to make clear about the most typical hair extensions that are designed in 14 inch of hair.

14 inch bulk hair

What is bulk hair?

Bulk hair is the most basic type of hair extensions. A long time ago, when the hair industry started to grow, people only know the most familiar method of extensions – bulk hair. Bulk hair can be understood as the hair in which hair is tied at the top into bundles. If there is no difference, hair suppliers usually make each bundle of bulk about 100 grams. 14 inch bulk hair is bulk hair which is 14 inch in length.

04 14 inch large

Despite the fact that workers have researched to produce various types of hair extensions, bulk hair is always the very first option of many customers. People might not use too much bulk hair to directly apply to their hair. Instead, they buy bulk hair to make other types of hair extensions.

What are the textures of bulk hair?

The textures of bulk hair are nearly the same as those of our natural hair. We believe you can easily know that they are straight, wavy and curly hair. Specifically, each texture of the bulk consists of some typical textures. For example, if you choose bulk straight hair, your option will not be limited at natural straight hair. You can also come up with another decision of others such as kinky straight or yaki straight hair. Similarly, you will find out that wavy hair includes many variations. They are natural wavy, body wavy, deep wavy, fumi wavy, bouncy wavy or roll bouncy wavy. 14 inch curly hair will also lead you to many different choices. Loose curly, deep curly, kinky curly, romantic curly, which texture can satisfy you?

05 14 inch large

How to use bulk hair?

In this part, we are going to clarify the way you can apply to use bulk hair. Hopefully, our information is helpful. The very first way is that you can use bulk hair as a way to store human hair or as a very first product. Workers will get bulk hair to make machine weft hair which is later used in more purposed. The second option is that you can use bulk hair to crochet braids directly into your head. This time, you will need the support of a set of hair tool including hair needle and hair thread. In addition, you can also choose bulk to make perfect wig hair extensions. This process will take much time as the wig is a really complex product that requires much technique and skill of the producers.

06 14 inch large

14 inch weave hair extensions

What is weave hair extension?

You can call this style weft hair or sew-in hair extensions. A hair weave expresses the type of hair extensions in which hair weft is sewn onto your braided hair and then styled to any desired style. A lot of people choose hair weave as it is undetectable. If you don’t say, hardly can other people know that you are wearing hair extensions?

weft hair

What are the textures of 14 inch weave hair extensions?

Like bulk hair, 14 inch hair weave also includes three main textures which are straight, wavy and curly hair. If you have thinning hair and want to add more volume to your hair, we highly recommend that curly or wavy hair will suit you more.

How to use 14 inch weave hair extensions

It would be an interesting thing if you know that 14 inch hair weave is going to allow you to choose your attachment method. The most outstanding ones that women usually apply are weaving, micro-rings, glue or clips. The attachment method depends on your needs and wishes.

14 inch tape hair extensions

What is tape hair extensions?

Tape hair is defined as the hair in which hair is attached to the tape. It is quite understandable to know that tape hair is considered one of the best hair extension methods. Why? Among some semi-permanent hair extensions, tape hair extensions are often the least expensive. Also, the process of applying tape hair is just quick. It takes only less one hour to achieve a new hairstyle with the help of tape hair extensions.

07 16 inch hair

What are the textures of tape hair extensions?

14 inch tape hair extensions offer three main textures that are straight, curly and wavy hair. Depending on your own preference, choose the one you love. Keep in mind that if the tape hair is in high quality, it is reusable for up a year. You can use this hair for 3-4 applications. Also, this kind of extension is flexible. You can easily put it in and then take it off any time you need it. Applying tape hair is also easy and time-saving.

08 16 inch hair extensions

What are the standards of 14 inch hair extensions?

There are many ways to distinguish different standards of hair extensions. For example, if you are going to choose Apostore’ hair products, you will see that there are four distinct hair grades for bulk hair and weave hair extensions. Those standards include single drawn quality type 1, single drawn quality type 2, double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type. The difference among the four types is the density at the end of each hair bundle. Sold at a lower price, a bundle or single drawn quality hair extensions comprises of fifty percent full length and fifty percent varied length. If you are in search of a more voluminous effect, double drawn hair is more recommended. Double drawn hair offers 70 or 80 or even more percent of strands at full length, meaning that the majority of strands measure to the desired length purchased.

single drawn & double drawn

Should I choose 14 inch human hair extensions or 14 inch synthetic hair extensions?

If you are looking for a classy and fashionable look, it’s best for you to go with virgin human hair. Human hair is the hair contributed by a human donor. The hair is soft and feels great so it can easily match your own hair in color and texture. You can wash, dye, blow dry human hair. You can also get the flat iron to straighten it. In contrast, 10 inch synthetic hair extension doesn’t tolerate heat well although its newer forms allow some low-temperature heat. However, no way can we deny that it is still plastic and it can melt under intense heat treatment. Using synthetic hair extensions make it hard for us to style or dye the hair the way we like.

02 18 inch hair extensions

How much hair should I buy?

If you are wholesaler, buy as much as you want. For your new look with hair extensions, we suggest that 2 packs will be enough. If you are looking for a fuller look, we recommend three packs despite the fact that you may not end up using it all. In case you are buying bundles, on average 3 bundles should do. However, you may use 2- 4 bundles, depending on fullness and length.

13 14 inch large

Apostore’s 14 inch hair extensions

Types of 14 inch hair extensions

14 inch of hair at Apostore is designed in different types including bulk hair, weave hair, clip in hair, tape hair, lace closure, lace frontal, wig, U tip, V tip, I tip and flat tip hair extensions. Here, you see that various types of 14 inch hair extensions are waiting for you. All you need to do is to pick up your favorite one. Among those types, bulk hair is often known as the most basic type of hair extensions. You can use bulk hair to produce many other kinds of beautiful hairstyles. Some quick methods for the application include tape hair, clip in hair extensions. U, I, V and flat tip are the typical keratin hair extensions that can last a quite long time.

Quality of 14 inch hair extensions

We make sure that all of you want to discover the origin of all hair extensions you are going to purchase. That’s why we need to confirm in this post that all the products in our hair collection are made of Vietnamese human remy hair. This is the hair collected from Vietnamese women who own long thick and black hair. In the process of installing 14 inch hair extensions, you can easily style dye extensions the way you like. In addition, there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in our products. Because it is remy hair, all hair cuticles remain and face the same direction. Also, you don’t need to worry about hair tangle or hair shedding.

bulk hair

What are the prices of 14 inch hair extensions of Apostore?

The price of hair extensions in Apohair varies by many factors consisting of hair type, hair texture, hair color, hair length and hair standards. In terms of hair types, bulk and weft are two types that own the most reasonable prices while the wig is considered to be the most expensive one. About hair texture, we think it is easy for you to guess that natural straight hair has the lowest prices. Kinky straight, yaki straight, wavy and curly are the textures with higher cost. Hair color also determines the difference in the prices of hair extensions. In Apostore, black hair is the simplest and also the cheapest hair color. Other complicated colors such as ombre, blonde, red or piano color are sold at higher prices. Hair standard is also a key factor, in which single drawn hair will have more comparative prices whereas double hair type costs more on your budget.

16 14 inch tape hair extensions

Using hair extensions is great and it is greater when you choose Apostore’s products. However, it is also important for you to remember that you need to take care of hair extensions properly. If you just don’t know where to start, begin with the way you care for your natural hair. After a specific time or use, the hair extensions may become dirtier or oilier. It’s time you shampooed and conditioned your hair. If you want to wash the extensions while they are still on your head, choose good quality dry shampoo. Washing the hair when it has been taken off, you should ask a professional hairdresser for the best advice on the good shampoo and condition for hair extensions. If you need our advice, just tell us and we will try our best to support you.

The bottom line

APPOHAIR is proud as we have built a long-term relationship with customers in more than 100 countries around the world. We are now having thousands of hair items that are designed and produced in various textures, colors, lengths and styles. If you are trying to find a reliable hair supplier, come with us and pick up the best quality items in our stock. Just believe in our hair quality as we are always careful in any step of production. After collecting the hair from Vietnamese women, we begin to wash it with a good shampoo to make sure that the hair has no strange smell. After that, we classify the hair into different types, which allows us to easily produce different products. Our workers, with their skill and experience, try all the time to come up with the most gorgeous hair products. Getting Apostore’s hair extensions, you will definitely achieve the most natural look. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you who have been with us and supported us. We hope for our successful corporation in the future and also, don’t forget to find your new appearance with our 14 inch hair extensions.

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