The most stunning hairstyles for your closure

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Closure is one of the most popular hairpieces in the world of hair extensions. Owing one is not difficult, but do you know how to get the right styles for it to highlight your face? There are so many different hairstyles for closure hair. Let take a look at some of the pretty ones below.

How to apply a closure hair piece?

Before you get to know with the attractive hairstyles for your closure, let learn how to apply it on your head first.

Normally, users will apply the sew-in method to attach the lace closure to their real hair. However, there is still another way to install a lace closure, which is using glue or adhesive tape. As we already have a previous update on how to create a sew in with closure, this blog post will give an instruction on how to install the hairpiece with glue.

Installation guide

Step 1: Clean the skin below your hairline and make sure it has no oil and styling product. This will help the glue attach tightly to your skin and prevent skin irritation.

Step 2: Place the lace closure hair piece on your head and position it to match your hairline.

Step 3: Apply scalp protectors below your hairline. This step is not compulsory, but it will provide maximum adhesion for your lace closure while protecting your scalp and the glue around your head.

Step 4: Use your fingers or an eyeshadow brush to apply the glue onto the part below your hairline where the front of your closure should be later.


Step 5: Use a blow dryer at a cool setting for at least 30 seconds to dry the glue. There are some types of glue requiring up to 15 minutes or more to dry. Once the glue dries, the white color will disappear.

Step 6: Press the front hairline of your lace closure to the place where you apply the glue. Then, press down firmly to make the lace closure attach tightly on your front head. After it can stay in place on its own, you will move to the sides of the closure and repeat the step.

Step 7: Let it there for at least 15 minutes for the glue to completely dry before you apply any styling to the closure and the remaining hair. If you do it too early, your closure hair piece will be slipped out of the place.

 A side note

Please note that even if you intend to make a sew-in from human hair weave bundles with closure, you can still use glue or tape to attach the lace closure before adding the wefts to the remaining part of your head.

Marvelous hairstyles for your closure hair

With the human hair weave bundles with closure from APOHAIR’s GALAXY COLLECTION, you can create luscious wigs or weave hairstyles. Each premium set comes with a certain texture for both the closure and bundles, so what you need to do is make some adjustments to finalize the look. Also, remember to take your face shapes into consideration to select the hairstyle that can compliment your face.

Middle part  closure hair 03-closure-hair

As you may know, one of the best choices for lace closure is the middle part. And if you want to get a sleek look, a lace closure wig with a middle part and long straight hair will be a great choice. This elegant style can go with you in any setting, from your workplace to your night parties or a coffee date.

Bob life04-closure-hair

If you want to try something new to your look with a short haircut, a bob style is absolutely a great choice. Normally, people will try to keep a permanent part rather than playing around with it. But whether you opt for a middle part bob or a side part bob closure, you can surely rock the style with a youthful and high fashion look.

Long curly hair

For fans of a fresh bouncy look, a deep curly hairstyle with either middle or side part will be a way to accentuate their face. If you decide to go with this hairstyle, please note that leave out should not be included as it may not blend well with the texture and color of the hair bundles you are using.

A festive look


Are you preparing for a festival this weekend? If so, here is the lovely festive hairstyle for you to enjoy the event to the utmost. Don’t worry that you will have to spend a lot of time on the styling process because you can make a gorgeous style with just a simple flower headband. After tying the flower crown around the head, you can let your hair fall off the shoulders freely. No more styling is needed as it already forms an impressive look for you.

Back ponytail


If you install the human hair weave bundles with closure to make a lace closure wig, a back low ponytail can be a quick style to help you highlight your look. All you need to do is to tie the hair into a low ponytail, pull out some hair to create a messy look, and keep the ponytail on either side of your neck. Simple enough, right?

Above are some hairstyles you can do easily at home with your closure hair. If you have any other ideas, let share with us in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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