Taking back your confidence with 26 inch hair extensions

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Hair extensions are a secret of the red carpet. Do you know how celebs go from a lob to mermaid hair overnight? And stars like Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian and Mindy Kaling are all about full disclosure when it comes to their long locks. These ladies have been sharing this secret as an instant option to upgrade their look to a new level. Let’s get more information with our 26 inch hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions and Synthetic Hair Extensions

Basically, extensions have two different origins: real human hair or synthetic material that people use to emulate real hair. Each has its benefits and drawbacks and do you know the difference between them?

Human hair extensions are exactly the same as what they sound like. This type of extensions is from real, human hair from top to bottom, collected from a donor. Not only do human hair extensions have a natural look and feel, bring us a certain shine and movement that’s rather difficult to recreate in synthetic hair, they are also easy to cut, style and blend with your own current hairstyle. The biggest drawback of human hair extensions may be that their price isn’t reasonable for everyone.

04 26 inch hair large

Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, can be a more affordable option that is usually cheaper. They are from various synthetic, blended fibers, and don’t contain human hair. With advances in technology, synthetic hair has become more popular in recent years, with newer options made with fibers that make us feel more like real hair. However, they are less versatile than human hair, need to take more effort to change curl patterns and also can’t last as long as human hair.

26 inch hair extensions

26 inch hair extensions have their very long size which is approximately 65 centimeters. With this impressive length, hair extensions can reach over the hip of a girl with the standard body. This length is a great option for girls or ladies who love the long hairstyle. In addition, keep in mind that this result is recognized when hair is maximally straightened. It can be a bit shorter if your hair extensions are styled in wave or curly texture.

05 26 inch hair large

Some ideas for 26 inch hairstyles

Knot Your Average Pony

This impressive ponytail can take your everyday look from 0 to 100. Pull your 26 inch hair or 26 inch weave back into a ponytail and start to twist it as if you’re putting the hair into a bun. Once you’ve created one loop, knot the rest of the hair through the bun and secure it, remember to leave the rest of the ponytail long and loose and finish with a hair slide for extra cool points.

Bubble Ponytail

Give your 26 inch hair a sporty style with this bubble ponytail. Apply it right now because it’s so easy to do on yourself. Essentially, all you need to do is secure extra hairbands down the length of your ponytail. To achieve a slick look like this, use a serum to tame flyaways or pull out hair from each section for a Kendall Jenner-esque look.

06 26 inch hair large

Loose Ribbons

To be honest, there’s nothing chicer than a loosely tied black velvet ribbon. Whether your 26 inch hair is curly or super straight, this style suits anyone and takes just seconds to create. To get extra hold, you should secure hair first with a clear elastic band before wrapping your ribbon around.

Applying methods of 26 inch hair extensions

There are three main categories of ways to fit hair extensions:

Temporary (take in and out each day or week)

These are a type of hair extensions that includes clip-in pieces, wefts and weaves where large pieces of hair are added.

07 26 inch hair large

Temporary hair extensions are great choices for occasional wear and are usually used by those who like their own hair but just want to enhance their look for the weekend, or for a special event such as parties, holidays, dates.

Semi-Permanent (worn for 6-8 weeks)

Semi-permanent hair extensions methods include tape-in pieces that last around 6-8 weeks. These are smaller sections than clip-ins and some new Tape extensions techniques are almost completely undetectable when hair is down or worn up.

Permanent (are worn continuously, for many months)

Permanent hair extensions methods are strand-by-strand meaning many small attachments are added to your natural hair. For example, they include micro rings or micro bonds.

Permanent methods are an appropriate solution for those who are disappointed with their own hair and feel they need additional hair to have extra volume, length or both on a daily basis.

Types of 26 Inch Hair Extensions

Choosing between real or synthetic hair, a temporary or permanent method isn’t the only decision you have to make when it comes to your 26 inch hair extensions. You’ll also have to consider which one of the four types of extensions you’ll be adding to your mane. “There are weaves, tape-in, clip-in and keratin hair extensions”

26 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

What are they?

08 26 inch hair large

With this method (also known as hair integration), the hair is weft into 1 line by hands or machines. Your natural hair is braided in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair are woven (with thread) onto the braids. Weave hair extensions are mainly used for people who have thicker hair because of the way they are applied. Hair will not be easily tangled or fallen out. Their usage is also simple. You only need to make a horizon line of real hair and sew these hair extensions into that line.

How Long Do They Last?

We highly recommend that you should remove your weave/26 inch weave every 6 – 8 weeks, especially if you are trying to grow your own hair. Don’t forget that the maximum amount of time you should have a full weave in your hair is 4 months because it will affect your natural hair growth.


With a wide array of different colors ranging from warm to ash tone and many textures such as: straight, kinky straight, yaki straight, body wavy, deep wavy, deep curly, loose curly. 26 inch weave/sew-in hair extensions are always available at APOHAIR. Its price is also reasonable that starts around 66$-115$. At salons, permanent 26 inch sew-in extensions cost less than fusion treatments but more than clip-ins due to the work involved.

26 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions

What Are They?

Clip 3 straight textures large

People apply this extension by using snap-on clips and you don’t need professional help to stick them in. They are really quick, easy, and temporary do it yourself method to achieve longer and fuller hair, without long-term bonding, pain, or damaging to your hair. Depending on your mood, you can also decide how thick your hair you want to make your barnet.

Clip-in hair extensions are also a long-lasting option, as you can keep hold of the tresses as long as you look after them well. All of them have one or multiple pieces. Extensions can be clipped in and out of your hair just in a few minutes and are practically invisible. They are by far the fastest and most affordable way to transform the look of your hair without spending much money or damaging your natural hair. Because of their beauty, convenience and easy to use, this type can be one of the most ordered products of hair extensions and are more and more popular nowadays.


The price of 26 inch clip-ins or any type of hair extensions will depend on their color, texture and quality the customers want. In general, At APOHAIR, with a bundle of 100gram, it ranges from about 75$ to 107$. Temporary hair extensions like 26 inch clip-ins cost less than permanent ones because you can easily put on them yourself. Clip-in hairpieces are a great hair loss solution for thinning hair. However, be wary of a low average price for 26 inch clip-in hair extensions because those tend to have poor-quality clips with a weaker grip.

26 Inch Tape-in Hair Extensions

With this type, people attach wefts of hair to some small sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape. Similar to clip- in hair and be exactly what they sound like, these tapes in hair extensions have their sticky tapes to attack hair and you only need to take off carefully when you don’t want to wear them.

10 26 inch hair large

Tape-ins flatter piece of hair with a strip of special tape across the top is underneath a piece of your own hair, with a second wide, flat piece pressed against the top, essentially sandwiching a piece of your own hair in between. (It looks like this)

Although you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of clipping these strands every day, there is a drawback that you cannot remove them for two weeks if you decide you don’t like them. Some hair professors are also concerned that the taping process can cause damage to your natural hair.


At APOHAIR, our products are 100% Vietnamese Remy Human Hair. You’ll see 26 inch tape-in hair extensions price range starts at around 77$-110$. This type of hair extensions is very easy and quick to put in because the stylist only needs to peel back the coating and stick them on. That is the reason why the typical tape in hair extensions cost very affordable. On the market, other 26 inch hair extensions for thin hair cost much more because they take more time and effort to put in than tape-ins.

26 Inch Keratin Hair Extensions

What are they?

A favorite of many women today, keratin hair extensions are also one of the older, more traditional ways to install hair extensions. Basically, they include 4 types: I- tipsU- tipsV- tips and flat- tips. Tips’ shapes are like their name and their tops are from keratin. Using them can take a lot of time but they are useful solutions for customers with only some spare hair positions.

These extensions themselves look like a small wisp of your own hair, but with a keratin-based dried “glue” at one end. You can curl, dye, straighten, style the hair with heat – everything you want to do with your own hair. In order to attach them, you can use heat or ultrasonic waves (depending on where you go and what type of device you use) to fuse that keratin “glue” to your hair. The extensions are always in rows so that they always remain strategically covered by another piece of your hair, even if you are wearing a ponytail.


26 inch tip hair extensions are always available at APOHAIR. Its price starts around 71$-102$. At salons, permanent 26 inch tip hair extensions cost more than all above extensions due to the hard process and work involved.

26 Inch Bulk Hair Extensions

Bulk hair is the very first product that collectors get from donors. Because human hair is easy to disperse, fast storing right after cutting the hair from human body is very necessary to ensure minimal loss. Collecting human hair in bulk is the simplest and the most classic way of storing the hair. After that, people will tie the hair with an elastic band or a big hair clip and both tips are free.

12 26 inch hair large

Bulk hair extensions often go in bundles, each of which would weigh about 100 – 200 grams. In other words, you will have several bundles for a big order that is up to kilograms. Bulk hair belongs to no specific type so that it is for wholesalers to buy with a large amount and make it into new types that are suitable for their customers’ demands.

26 inch bulk hair is the most suitable option for you and straight hair may be the most appropriate for the ideal length. If you use curly or wavy kinds, 26 inch length will be shorter and it will look so awkward. Therefore, be careful with this type to select your right and suitable size.

Your turn: How do you think about this article? We’d love to hear about your thought and experiences with 26 inch hair extensions as well.  Thank for your attention!

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