Smart tips to transform your old wig into a brand-new black wig

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One day you look at your wig collection and find out your black wig can no longer be used. If you intend to get a new one, don’t be hasty. You can always make use of a wig you don’t use and dye it into black to save some money and have fun.

Can you dye a wig black?

The answer is yes, but you need to consider what type of wig you are using. Unlike human hair wig, synthetic wig barely endures the chemical compounds in hair dye. The synthetic fibers can be simply burnt out under the influence of the chemical. There are still ways to dye a synthetic wig, but it’s more complicated to do and after dying, the wig will become more fragile. It might be the last time you can use your synthetic wig. Therefore, we recommend using a human hair wig for the dying process. Although the natural strands are more expensive, you can dye them relatively easily and change their style. Human hair wig also lasts longer, so in the long run, you can eventually save money.

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02 Black Wig


How to dye a wig black?

What you need

Black hair dye

Hair developer (20 volume hair developer is preferred)

A pair of rubber gloves

A plastic bowl

Color-safe or specialized shampoo and conditioner

A wide-tooth comb

03 black wig

How to dye a wig black

Step 1: Put on your rubber gloves to protect your hand.

Step 2: Mix the black hair dye and developer into a plastic bowl. Make sure that you read the instruction of the hair dye carefully to take the proper amount for the mixture. If you want to have a long black wig, you may need to prepare two boxes of black hair dye.

Step 3: Test the hair dye on a small section of your wig to see the result. If you want other shades of color, you can buy a new hair dye.

04 black wig

Then, soak the wig with into hair dye. You should gently use your hands to spread the hair dye to layers of hair. Remember not to rub the dye roughly to your wig.

Step 4: Place the wig in a wig stand and use a comb to brush your wig to make the hair dye evenly distributed to all the hair layers. This way will help your wig look more natural after dying. Then, let it there and wait for about 30-40 minutes.

Step 5: Use color-safe shampoo or a specialized wig shampoo to wash your wig. You need to place it under a running faucet of warm water to remove the excess hair dye before applying shampoo. Then, rinse your wig into clean water to remove the shampoo.

After that, apply conditioner to your wig to add some shine and make it silkier.

Step 6: Use a towel to pat dry your black hair wig. Don’t squeeze roughly, it will make the strands fall out and tangled. After the black wig stop dripping the excess water, put in on your wig stand and let it dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer at the lowest heat level or cooling mode. Thus, make sure not to overheat your wig.

Things to keep in mind

– Never try to use fabric dye on your human hair wig if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket. Human hair wig only welcomes hair dye.

– Don’t mix hair dye and developer into a metal bowl as the black hair dye can be oxidized and change the color.

–  Too many times of dying will not bring a good result. If your wig has already been dyed, it will not come out with the right color in the next dye. Besides, you will damage your wig easily after many times of chemical styling. Hence, consider carefully each time of dying.

05 black wig

– To make your black hair wig stay longer with you after dying it, you should always take good care of it. Even if you are a newcomer to wigs, you should master the basics do and don’t and how to detangle your wig.

There’s always something mysterious and attractive in black color. If you want to change your look with a black wig, dying your wig will be an effective way. We hope that with this tutorial, you can easily dye your hair at home to save time and money and brings back your old wig with a brand-new awesome black color.

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