Simple casual hairstyles for school – Inspirations from Celebrities

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Hairstyles for schools are supposed to be boring and need to be serious. Generally, they should be quick and look awesome, but styling your hair for school can be fun and more sophisticated than you expect. From a high wavy bun to a glam curled updo, scroll down to see our top 9 celebrity inspired casual hairstyles for school.

Casual Hairstyles: Side-Swept Waves

01 simple casual hairstyles for school

It’s easy to realize our star – Chrissy Teigen, her side-swept waves seem effortless yet beautiful. She chooses to leave her tousled waves loose to get a fresh look that packs in lots of texture and bounce. While the wavy hairstyle can look really sophisticated, her side-swept bang adds to her face a little beauty and little oomph.

Choppy Bob with Bangs

02 simple casual hairstyles for school

The next of our casual hairstyles list is from Taylor Swift, there’s beauty, and then there’s radiant Tay Tay, a brilliant singer doing everything right with this striking look. Right on trend with her blonde, choppy bob and subtle bangs, to create a version of her sophisticated hairstyle, twist sections of your bob around a curling wand for loose waves. Finish off your look by spritzing a maximum strength hairspray to keep your waves in place.

Casual Hairstyles: Layered Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

03 simple casual hairstyles for school

Our famous singer Jennifer Lopez looks so stunning with her glamorous waves and side-swept bangs in her long, blonde tresses. This whimsical hairstyle is one of perfect option casual hairstyles for your prom, party or date night as the waves give straight locks some definition.

Messy High Ponytail

04 simple casual hairstyles for school

Teen sensation Hailee Steinfeld is looking gorge here while she can still show off her messy, high ponytail. To get this look, you need to gather your hair at the top and secure it with hair ties without causing any damage. This long is one of the contemporary and casual hairstyles, and it’s a perfect hairdo to keep your cool in summers.

Casual hairstyles: Braided Bun

05 simple casual hairstyles for school

Well-known Actress Stefanie Scott steals the show with her refined two-toned blonde mane styled in a braided bun. Perfect option of casual hairstyles for girls’ night out or your prom night, this messy braid bun look is chic, classy and super-trendy.

To get this style, you need to start by creating a simple braid and drape it over your head. Now, don’t forget to secure the braids with transparent pins to create a crown and mist with a hairspray. So easy, let’s enjoy!

Perfect Curls

06 simple casual hairstyles for school

Somebody singer Natalie La Rose shows us the ways to keep things chic while staying edgy and classy. Natalie rarely settles for straight locks so her perfect red curls are something to die for. We love the way the long hairstyle gives her hair volume, dimension, and a trendy look. In addition, her minimal makeup and shimmery eye makeup are perfect for a night in the town or a warm party. So, if you’re opting for big, voluminous curls, try on this one by the Dutch recording artist and model.

Red Half Updo

08 simple casual hairstyles for school

This is the next of the casual hairstyles list. There’s something special about a red and wavy half updo that gives a woman so much feminine appeal but still need to remember that perfect texture and volume. Here, we can see the adorable Leidi Gutierrez sporting a mid-length, choppy red half updo with an assortment of undone flips, her hair looks simple but attractive.

Beachy Hair

09 simple casual hairstyles for school

Whimsical? Yes. Voluminous? Yes. Plenty of layers? Absolutely! No need to say, we love Charlie XCX’s long length hairstyle complete with these beachy waves. Our singer added some serious bounce and rough texture to her hair which gives her that effortlessly chic look. In addition, Charlie looks stunning when her black hairstyle is combined with refined makeup to give her this lovely look.

High Bun

10 simple casual hairstyles for school

As we all know, high bun is one of the best casual hairstyles for long hair for school. Look at the photo, we can easily see that Aymeline Valade looks so striking with her textured high bun and wispy curls. This style is ideal for medium to long hair. To achieve this incredibly easy look, all you need is grabbing your hair to the top of the head and coiling it into a topknot. Make sure to spritz hairspray before grooming your hair into place.

Remember to use light-touch hairspray to keep it in place, and if you want to recreate the look, keep your eye makeup minimal and go all out with a lighter lipstick. The look is eye-catching and fascinating that every woman dreams to rock with.

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