Should I use human hair crochet for a brand new look?

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When life changes, people tend to choose new methods of hair extensions which quickly help them achieve a new hairstyle. However, with its great benefits, human hair crochet still remains as one of the leading options of many women around the world.

What is human hair crochet?

Human hair crochet is an old but never outdated method. It refers to the extension in which people get hair crochet made of human hair and then apply it to their real hair. There is no doubt that hair crochet is one of the most popular methods we use to add hair extensions to our natural hair.

crochet braids

Similar to a weave, the basis of this crochet is first cornrowing one’s hair and then applying the extensions to the braids/cornrows. The key difference between these two methods is that the hair in crochet is loose and not on a weft. Instead of the sewing method, crochet is a kind of looped under the cornrow with a crochet needle (essentially a hook), and then it is secured with a knot of sorts. Human crochet hair tends to give you the most natural look, making everything perfect.

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Human hair crochet –  Pros and cons

human crochet hair

Despite the fact that most crochet braid hairstyles are created with synthetic hair, many people wonder if they can use human hair for this method. If you are having the same question, we say “Yes”. Let’s check for its pros and cons.


human hair crochet styles

It is easy to apply

You see some girls who are the masters of styling their own hair and you really admire them. However, you are not confident enough and you think that if there is a master, that could never be you. If you bear in mind that thinking, forget it.

Human hair crochet styles may be a great way to attempt on your own when you are at least know how to braid your hair. Yet, the cornrows don’t have to look excellent as they will be covered later. Just with a little patience and a couple of good mirrors, you are coming nearer to your perfect look.

It is quite cheap

As we have mentioned above, hairstyle created with human crochet hair are the styles that look natural. That’s why braiding the hair that already comes twisted or braided is more preferred. This method can be found at many human hair suppliers for as low as $3 a pack, which is a quite reasonable price. However, in comparison with synthetic crochet, it is a bit more expensive. You can easily understand this, right?

crochet hairstyle

It is relatively fast to do

Because the method is easy to apply, it doesn’t take too much time. Depending on the kind of style you create for the human crochet method, you may spend as little as 2.5 hours installing it. For weave-wearer, this might not be less time as the process of applying weave is about 3 hours. However, for box braid or twist-wearer, this method is significantly less time. Of course, you can rock braids or twists using the crochet method.


human hair for crochet

One of the clearest problems with using human hair crochet is that it is not dense enough to hold the knots required to secure crochet braids. As you might know, human hair is very soft. Even, it might become softer when moisturized or becomes wet. That means the knots can easily loosen and slip out.

To deal with this problem, some stylists choose to use nail glue to secure the knots on human hair. However, this needs to be done carefully or it might damage your hair. If human hair is a must-have, you had better use a different protective styling technique such as micro braids, sew-in weaves, or tree braids.

If you are on a budget, choosing synthetic hair crochet can be a good option. With proper maintenance, synthetic crochet can also last for a quite long time.

Tips to install human hair crochet braids

Firstly, don’t forget to shampoo you natural before applying human hair crochet. It’s important to make sure that your hair is nice and clean for a new installation.

Moisturize your hair before installing crochets. Given that you may have the braids in for at least a few weeks and there is no reason for you to refuse to supply enough moisture for your hair, preventing it from being too dry.

Keep in mind the best judgment to space the hair in a suitable way. If you have most of the hair installed, just feel and look around to edit where needed. Don’t forget to add more hair to the part where you might desire more volume or take out the hair where it feels too thick.

Also, be more careful once you get to the front of your hair. Here, you may want to use thinner strips of hair so that the knots are smaller and less visible.

How to take care of human crochet hair braids?

In general, crochet braids can last anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks. This depends on how well or properly you take care of them. Here, we highly recommend that you should only use this hair method for a four-week duration. If you want to wear human crochet for an extended period of time, get a tightly curled texture as it will take more time for the curls to loosen or frizz.

Do you have any intention of trying these gorgeous human hair crochet braids? If you find it difficult to get more information about these hairstyles, just tell us and we will make every effort to help you. Also, don’t forget to visit our website for latest updates about our products and promotions!

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