Put on makeup for hair with the best 20 inch hair extensions

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Your hair is, in some way, just like your face. It needs to be cared like the way we do with our face or our skin. A healthy and beautiful hairstyle is going to help you shine as well as make an impression on other people. Apostore believes that you are having thousands of options for a new hairstyle. However, if possible, once try 20 inch hair extensions to check out if these extensions are your best partner or not.

What is 20 inch hair extensions?

Firstly, we want to emphasize that we are on the series of various lengths for hair extensions and the varying lengths are from 6 inch to 32 inch. And it is no longer difficult no for you to guess that this blog is for 20 inch-in-length hair extensions. 20 inch hair extensions are, no doubt, the kind of hair extensions that is 20 inch in length. It will be the best choice for any girls who want to own a glorious and shining hair. It is true when there is a saying that you should not underestimate your hair effect on your appearance. Things are going to be more different when you decide to put on 20 inch hair extensions on your natural hair.

02 20 inch hair large

Hair length of 20 inch hair

Choosing the correct length of hair extensions is really important. When choosing hair extensions to increase the length of your hair, please stay within four inches of your natural hair length for the most realistic blend. A 20 inch set of hair extensions is super versatile, however, Apostore highly recommends that this length this the most ideal for those who own average hair length. 20 inch hair is considered to be the perfect one for long hairstyle. Some girls love using 20 inch-in-length hairstyle as it is long enough for them to curl the hair at the same time they want to maintain a long hairstyle.

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20 inch weave hair extensions

What is 20 inch weave hair extensions?

Weave hair is one of the most basic methods of hair extensions for women in our modern society. You can call it weave hair extensions, weft hair of sew-in hair extensions. Often, weave hair requires much skill and experience from the workers. When the hair is sewed by hand, it is called hand-tied weft hair extension. Another way is to apply modern technology in production – machine and now it is called machine weft hair.

How to apply 20 inch weave hair extensions?

You will discover that there are different ways but maybe, sewing method is the most popular one. In this method, the important process is that you need to braid a small part of your natural hair in advance. The next step is to sew hair extensions directly to that braid. In the installation of weave hair, the thread is locking the tracks to the braid, so it’s super secured. That’s the reason why you don’t need to worry that the extensions can easily fall out when you are wearing them. 20 inch weave hair extension promise to give you the most natural hairstyle for your new appearance.

20 inch tape hair extensions

What is 20 inch tape hair extensions?

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Tape hair extensions are defined as the hair extensions that are taped into your hair, rather than sewed in or clipped in. Often, tape in hair extensions are made with some of the best adhesives, allowing you to pursue the hair you want for a longer period of time. Many women choose tape hair extensions for their new day as they can cut down their time to get ready in the morning. In general, like other forms of hair extensions, tape hair requires some maintenance. However, it is just as easy as caring for your natural hair. With your natural hair, you may get away with brushing once or twice a day. And with tape hair, you will need to brush the hair more frequently to prevent the hair from tangling.

How to use 20 inch tape hair extensions?

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Applying tape hair extensions is really simple. However, make sure that the tape is in good quality. Also, keep in mind that you will start with clean, dry hair for application. Just decide to style the hair only when all the pieces of tape hair are applied. One of the many outstanding benefits that customers love about 20 inch tape hair extensions is that they are able to wear these hair extensions in the shower, to the gym and to swim. With other methods of hair extensions, you need to remove the hair if you want to participate in those activities and of course, this is really time-consuming. Tape hair is reusable. You can take it off when unnecessary and apply it another time with a new piece of tape for that hair extensions.

20 inch clip in hair extensions

What is 20 inch clip in hair extensions?

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20 inch clip in hair extensions is regarded as the very first choice for adding length, volume and color to your own hair. Clip in hair can transform your look by giving you longer, fuller hair just in some minutes. Using clip in hair extensions, our girls can add highlights by choosing a lighter color without changing their own hair. Even, they can also add bangs without having a haircut. It is not an exaggeration to say that clip in hair extensions are the most preferred method of hair enhancement by stylists and home users alike.

How to apply clip in hair extensions?

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20 inch clip in hair extensions are temporary so they are easy to apply as well as take off. Some of you might be afraid of getting damages. Don’t worry, these methods attach using pressure sensitive clips so they don’t cause any damage to your hair. The flexibility of clip in hair extensions is expressed when you can take them in and out whenever you want to change your look at a moment’s notice. Many people wonder if clip in hair extensions could fall out easily. The answer depends on the process you apply the extensions on your head. If the installation is certain enough, extensions should never fall out. Also, they shouldn’t cause any pain. If you feel something wrong, return to the hair salon to make sure they are in properly.

What are the textures of hair extensions?

Looking through all of 20 inch hair extensions can be confusing as there are so many for you to choose from. However, choosing a suitable hair texture for your hairstyle is never an easy task. It is vital that you know the right texture to choose as getting the wrong one especially the wrong texture) will, by all means, make your hair extensions look fake. The key success in the process of applying hair extensions is to make them blend into your own hair as much as possible for the most natural effect. Here are the most common textures for your new style:

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  • Straight hair texture is the most basic and also the easiest to care for. 20 inch straight hair is enough for you to own a long hairstyle, right? Straight hair tresses are easy to style to bring you a sleek look. In addition, this hair texture can work well with anyone and with straight hair, you just need to find the right length and style for you.
  • Wavy hair: 20 inch wavy hair will be a little bit shorter than 20 inch straight hair. This hair texture is going to bring a new you with a luxurious effect. You will explore that there are various textures of wavy hairstyle. It can be natural wavy, deep wavy, bouncy wavy, roll bouncy wavy or fumi wavy hair.
  • Curly hair texture itself covers from loose curls to tight curls that have their own distinct style for you to choose. What’s more, curly hair would be the best option for those who have thinning hair and want to add much volume to their locks. Some typical textures of curly hair include loose curly, romantic curly, deep curly or kinky curly hair.

What are the main grades of 20 inch hair?

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Often, in the market, a hair bundle is made in two distinct hair grades/ hair standards which are single drawn hair and double drawn hair. The longer the hair extension is, the easier you can look at the difference between two main hair grades. Single drawn hair refers to the extensions which contain multiple lengths of hair strands, resulting in hair that is thickest at the top and thin on the ends. In contrast, double drawn hair contains almost all the same length hair strands. It means with double drawn hair, the hair is thick and full from top to bottom.

Some information about Apostore’s 20 inch hair extensions

What is the hair quality of Apostore’s 20 inch hair?

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The top concern of hair quality would certainly be “Is that extension made of synthetic hair or human hair?” Apostore doesn’t deny the beauty of synthetic hair extensions. In fact, there are many types of synthetic hair which are beautiful and various in textures, colors and length. However, we determine to choose Vietnamese human remy hair to make all the products in our collection. The hair is collected from Vietnamese women who own beautiful long black hair. We are sure that there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in our hair extensions. As it is remy hair, don’t mind much about hair tangling or hair shedding.

What are the main types of 20 inch hair provided by Apostore?

types hair extensions

Besides three main types including 20 inch weave hair20 inch tape hair and 20 inch clip in hair extensions, Apostore also provides customers around the world many different types of hair extensions. Many items of bulk hair, V tip hair, flat tip hair, U tip hair, I tip hair, lace frontal, lace closure, wig hair are waiting for you. Among those types, bulk hair and weave hair possess four main hair standards which are single drawn quality type 1, single drawn quality type 1, double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type 2. We need to inform that double drawn hair products are more expensive to afford. However, these standards are worth trying. Every hair is in the same length, providing you thick and full hair from roots to ends.

What are the hair colors for 20 inch hair in Apostore?

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Black, dark brown, light brown and blonde are four main hair colors for any kind of hair extensions in Apostore. However, they are not all. Besides those typical colors, we also designed hair extensions in many different shades. They are considered as the most favorable shades for hairstyles in the hair market now. We are mentioning here 20 inch of hair of ombre, mix color and red shade.

What are the prices of 20 inch hair extensions?

You know that 20 inch of hair is not a short length for hair extensions. And we guess that you will not be surprised if this hair extension is more expensive than some extensions made in 6 inch or 16 inch. Actually, the prices of hair extensions depend on many factors such as hair standard, hair type, hair texture, hair color and hair length. The more complicated the hair is, the more expensive you have to pay for it. For example, in Apostore, a wig will be quite expensive as it requires much skill, time as well as the effort of the labors. However, we promise to sell all the products at the most reasonable prices.

Thousands of options of a perfect hairstyle with 20 inch hair extensions are here in Apostore’s stock. We are happy if you are always there to get all the latest updates about our products and promotions. We expect to see you in your best appearance with our 20 inch hair extensions.

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