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I tip fumi curly black hair

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I tip (VD1)

Hair extension nowadays is used in many aspects of life. Many celebrities choose hair extension for a new look in the red carpet. A lot of girls choose it as they want to change their boring present hairstyles. To achieve such considerable changes, come with us. Apohair is ready for you to order and now will be a brief description of our I tip fumi curly black hair.

What is I tip fumi curly black hair?

I tip hair refers to the hair extension in which the tip of the hair is made in I shape. This tip is made of high-quality keratin so you don’t need to worry that hair extensions can cause bad damage to your hair. You can apply I tip hair in many ways but the most common is to use micro rings.

Hair quality

Apohair uses 100% Vietnamese human remy hair to make I tip hair extensions. Also, we make sure that there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in the hair products.

In general, stick/I tip hair is considered to be one of the safest methods available. Once the tip hair is fitted correctly, it causes no damage to your natural hair.

Hair texture

We are talking about I tip made in fumi curly texture. Besides, your options can also among the following:

  • Romantic curly
  • Deep curly
  • Loose curly
  • Kinky curly

Hair color

Black hair is simple but never out of date. Black hair of Apohair consists of three main shades which are #1, #1A and #1B. In addition, dark brown, light brown or blonde hair are always available in our collection.

The length of hair is from 6 inches to 32 inches. Various options are here for you to select.

How to apply I tip hair extensions

I tip hair is attached to the natural hair when we take a section of an individual hair and thread either a micro ring or microtube onto the hair using a pulling needle. After that, we begin to secure the hair extension tip by using a pair of pliers to press on the ring/tube to close it and then seal the hair and bond inside.

How to remove I tip hair?

It is easy to remove I tip hair extension. You just need simply use your pliers to squeeze the ring that has been pushed flat during the fitting process in the opposite direction so that it opens and at that time, the hair extension can slip easily. 

I tip fumi curly black hair is ready to bring you a very new appearance. Are you ready? Come with us and try on the best hair extensions.

Safe and guarantee

All the hair products provided by APO are 100% Vietnamese human hair. Hair remains in natural state as it is collected from Vietnamese women. Due to the fact that each bundle comes from one individuals, we cannot ensure hair textures and colors for all the hairstyles. However, we promise to try our best to supply customers with the best hair which helps to meets your demands.

Refund/ Exchange policy

In case you’re unsatisfied with the hair products you purchased from APO, you can return them, meeting some criteria outlined below:
  • Contact our customer service within 7 days of purchase to initiate a refund / exchange request.
  • Hair is NOT installed, stained, cut or altered in any way
  • Please note: If the item is removed from the package and used in any visible way, all return and exchange policies become invalid
  • Hair must be in its original bundle and must not be tied at its top
  • Hair must be in the original packaging
  • Returned packages must include a copy of the original invoice
  • Shipping and handling belong to the customer’s responsibility
  • Goods must be received at our company office before the refund can be issued
  • Products must be returned at your expense. We recommend using a shipping service provider with a signature and / or insurance confirmation service to protect your package
  • Please do not return unauthorized. We are not responsible for lost items, unauthorized returns or items sent to the incorrect address.

7 days products guarantee

You must contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.Based on the actual situation, we may ask you to send photos of your hair problem. If the problems can be resolved through maintenance regimen, then we may offer what product(s) may help to resolve your problem. If the problems cannot be resolved through maintenance, the hair must be sent back to us and received before we can take further action. As we want to determine if your purchase warrants replacement, the entire purchased amount of hair must be removed and mailed back to our office. Customers take responsibilities for all the costs of hair removal and mailing the products back. Also, we do not offer returns/exchanges for customized hair products.


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