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Bulk straight ombre color #2 and #60 VD1

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Double drawn quality type 1

What types of hair are you owning? Thick hair or thin hair? If you are having thick hair, it is such a great thing. But if your hair is thin, just do not worry. Nowadays, along with the development of society, there are more and more effective methods that help add volume to your hair. One of the most typical ones we are going to mention here is bulk straight ombre color #2 and #60, an outstanding product made in Apohair.

Product description

Commonly, you can understand bulk hair as bundles of hair that are used for braiding, for adding volume to your hair and also for making other types of hair extensions. In Apohair, we also deliver this hair in one or more bundles and all are now ready for use. Bulk hair is convenient so it always draws much of people’s attention.

What makes bulk hair so outstanding?

Bulk hair attracts customers for many reasons.

Firstly, it owns the best quality of hair extensions. All the hairs used to create bulk hair are from 100% Vietnamese human Remy hair. The hair in each bundle is from one donor and therefore, you can make sure about the natural state for this bulk hair extensions.

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Secondly, we need to assist that there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in bundles of bulk. Bulk hair also gets no tangle, no shedding and no insects inside.

Thirdly, all the steps to make bulk hair is perfectly and carefully carried out. After collecting hair from Vietnamese women, our workers keep on classify, washing and then styling hair. The methodical process promises to provide customers with the best and most complete hairstyle.

Hair textures

We have three textures for this bulk straight ombre color:

  • Natural straight hair
  • Kinky straight hair
  • Yaki straight hair

Hair color

You will be shocked at the collection of hairstyle in Apohair because lots of hair products are the combination of different colors, lengths, textures and standards. Black, dark brown, light brown and blonde are four basic colors we provide. From these colors, we research and mix or dye into more complicated colors. It can be ombre color, highlight or mix piano color.

Hair standard

Hair standard expresses the quantity of short hair mixed in each bundle of bulk hair. The highest standard in Apohair’s hairstyles is VD2 (double drawn quality type 2) which has all same-length hairs. VS1 (single drawn quality type 1) is the one which has the largest quantity of short hair inside.

Here, bulk straight ombre color VD1 is designed in the VD1 standard which is between VS1 and VD2. This is an average standard for bulk hair extensions.

There are many amazing things waiting for you in Apohair’s collection. Let’s come and experience the best thing we would love to bring you.

Safe and guarantee

All the hair products provided by APO are 100% Vietnamese human hair. Hair remains in natural state as it is collected from Vietnamese women. Due to the fact that each bundle comes from one individuals, we cannot ensure hair textures and colors for all the hairstyles. However, we promise to try our best to supply customers with the best hair which helps to meets your demands.

Refund/ Exchange policy

In case you’re unsatisfied with the hair products you purchased from APO, you can return them, meeting some criteria outlined below:
  • Contact our customer service within 7 days of purchase to initiate a refund / exchange request.
  • Hair is NOT installed, stained, cut or altered in any way
  • Please note: If the item is removed from the package and used in any visible way, all return and exchange policies become invalid
  • Hair must be in its original bundle and must not be tied at its top
  • Hair must be in the original packaging
  • Returned packages must include a copy of the original invoice
  • Shipping and handling belong to the customer’s responsibility
  • Goods must be received at our company office before the refund can be issued
  • Products must be returned at your expense. We recommend using a shipping service provider with a signature and / or insurance confirmation service to protect your package
  • Please do not return unauthorized. We are not responsible for lost items, unauthorized returns or items sent to the incorrect address.

7 days products guarantee

You must contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.Based on the actual situation, we may ask you to send photos of your hair problem. If the problems can be resolved through maintenance regimen, then we may offer what product(s) may help to resolve your problem. If the problems cannot be resolved through maintenance, the hair must be sent back to us and received before we can take further action. As we want to determine if your purchase warrants replacement, the entire purchased amount of hair must be removed and mailed back to our office. Customers take responsibilities for all the costs of hair removal and mailing the products back. Also, we do not offer returns/exchanges for customized hair products.


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