Weave hair straight black color

Weave hair straight black color is one of the most popular hair items in Apohair. Although it is simple in texture and color, weave hair promises to give you the best experience.


It is almost impossible to deny that there are more and more hair extensions on the market. However, not all hair products are good and not all hairstyles can give you a new style in just a short amount of time. Come to Apohair, where you can freely choose any type of hair extension and especially, weave hair straight black color is a product that can quickly help you increase the appearance for a very new look.

What is weave hair straight black color?

Weave hair is also known as weaving hair extensions of sewing hair extensions. Weave hair is sewn by hand or machine into a line. However, in this modern life, weave hair is more sewn by machine and therefore, we can also call it by machine hair.

Once you have learned how to apply horizontal hair, it will take a few minutes to achieve a new look with the horizontal hair extension application. The combination of straight and black textures seems quite simple but practical, it is really attractive and impressive.

What makes the difference of weft hair straight black color?

Straight black hair stands out thanks to many specific factors.

Hair quality

Horizontal hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair with all the cuticles aligned. There is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in weave products.

Don’t worry because there are no tangles, no shedding and no insects are included in any hair extension. We always love to give you the best quality hair extensions.

Hair texture

Straight, wavy and curly are the three basic textures for most hair extensions. These are also the three main ones provided by Apohair. For straight hair, we will give you three options including natural straight hair, kinky straight hair and yaki straight hair.

Hair color

Black is the color most familiar to many people. We have # 1, # 1A and # 1B where # 1B is the natural color. Grey is another shade in this color group. Besides, you can fully experience this horizontal hair with many other hairstyles such as dark brown, light brown and blonde. Mix and ombre colors are always available in our stock.

How to attach hair extensions

Hairpiece allows you to choose your attachment method. Some of the examples we recommend here are weaving, using micro rings, glue or clips. The way you will apply horizontal hair depends heavily on your own needs and desires. Weave hair can easily turn into a set of clips that you wear in the morning and take off very late at night. In addition, you can also use microfiber or weaving/sewing methods and for these ways, the weave will last about 4 or 6 weeks.

All Apohair hairs are made from 100% human Remy hair so you can style it with a curling iron or straightener, it’s up to you to decide.  What are you expecting? Come with us and choose the most beautiful products in our collection as well as great promotions this summer. Apohair is waiting for you.


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