V tip hair fumi wavy black color

There are many types of hair extensions in Apohair’s collection. Each hairstyle brings us a new and different look. One of them is our V tip hair Fumi wavy black color. How is it? Check it out now.


Nowadays, hair extensions are becoming more and more popular among hairstylists and us – normal consumers as well. Are you standing in front of a lot of kinds of hair extensions in the market? So, we are here to help you. Today, Apohair would like to recommend you V tip hair fumi wavy black color. Hope that this kind of hair extension will be an inspiration for your hairstyle.

Product description

V tip hair is known as one of the popular types of human hair extensions in which the tip is made in V shape. This hair extension is applied to the hair by heating up, it is also known as hot Fusion hair extensions.

Main features of V tip hair fumi wavy black color

Hair quality

What makes V tip hair fumi wavy black color become so popular is partly because it is from 100% Vietnamese human hair. As you might know, Vietnamese hair is famous for its natural and strong status. Sometimes, other people cannot realize that you are wearing hair extensions just because it looks quite the same as your real hair.

Additionally, we completely say “NO” with chemical or synthetic in any of our hair extensions. Apohair always wants to ensure our hair quality with all of our beloved customers.

One more thing, V tip hair is made of high-quality of keratin, which is a piece of good news, right? You will not need to worry that your hair may get bad effects from our hair extensions

Hair textures

If you’re not keen on V tip fumi wavy hair, of course, you can choose the other type of hair extensions in Apohair’s stock such as weave hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, lace closure, lace frontal or wig.

About the hair textures, besides fumi wavy hair, you also have many other options for your new hairstyle. It can be fumi wavy, deep curly, romantic curly or kinky curly hair.

Hair color

It would be better if you know about our hair colors and length available. You can actually choose whatever color you want. Here, our V tip black color includes four main shades, including #1, #1A, #1B and grey color. The length of this hair extension is from 6 inches to 32 inches.

How to take good care of V tip hair fumi wavy hair black color?

You should not comb your hair extensions so much as it might make your hair thinner and thinner. Instead, let’s just comb the hair when you really need to so. Besides, some tips to have better hair extensions are that you can also use shampoos and conditioners for it just like your real hair.

V tip hair fumi wavy black color is very beautiful. Apohair hopes you will find the most gorgeous hair extensions for yourself. At the same time, remember to place the hair extensions the right which is not so hot or cold. Natural homemade hair masks are also welcomed at this time.

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