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U-tip hair Body wavy Blonde color

If you are looking for high quality U-tip hair Body wavy Blonde color, you are in right place. Made from Vietnamese hair and Italian keratin, we assure our products will meet your needs completely.

  • Blonde #12
  • Blonde #12C
  • Blonde #14
  • Blonde #16
  • Blonde #18
  • Blonde #18C
  • Blonde #22
  • Blonde #24
  • Blonde #27
  • Blonde #32H
  • Blonde #33H
  • Blonde #3Q
  • Blonde #4Q
  • Blonde #5Q
  • Blonde #6
  • Blonde #60
  • Blonde #60C
  • Blonde #613
  • Blonde #613Q
  • Blonde #6C
  • Blonde #8
  • Blonde #8H
  • Blonde #9C
  • Red
  • 06 inch
  • 08 inch
  • 10 inch
  • 12 inch
  • 14 inch
  • 16 inch
  • 18 inch
  • 20 inch
  • 22 inch
  • 24 inch
  • 26 inch
  • 28 inch
  • 30 inch
  • 32 inch
  • Double Drawn Type 1 (A++)

Have you ever tried on a kind of hair extension in your life? If not, we highly recommend you to experiment once.  Apohair Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of the most prestigious companies in Vietnam exporting hair extensions to the international market. Now, we would like to introduce you U-tip hair Body wavy Blonde color. You will be surprised because of the many impressive benefits it brings.

What is U-tip hair Body wavy Blonde color?

Firstly, we would like to introduce you to some information about U-tip hair extension. U-tip hair, also known as nail tip or Hot fusion hair extension, is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like a U and is applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tip. You use the keratin tip to attach to your natural hair. Using keratin as a form of hair extension application has been around for many years, and is a very popular method of fitting.

Hair quality

All of our hair is 100% Remy hair, meaning that all of the cuticles are unidirectional. This is a critical feature of quality hair extensions because it ensures no matting or tangling. As a result, you can dye, curl or straighten your hair because all of our hair is exclusive virgin quality.

Our hair extensions can last up to twelve months, provided that you look after your hair very often. The more you pay attention to them, the longer they will last.

Hair texture

Apohair Company uses the wavy texture to make this U-tip hair extension. Also, we have some other textures for you to choose:

  • Natural wavy
  • Water wavy
  • Deep wavy
  • Bouncy wavy
  • Roll bouncy wavy
  • Fumi wavy

Hair color

It is very suitable for you to wear to work or hang out with your friends. We made five shades of U-tip hair Body wavy Blonde color for the clients to choose:  #6, #8, #12, #14, #16, #18, #22, #24, #27, #60, #613, #3Q, #4Q, #5Q, #6C, #8H, #9C, #12C, #18C, #60C, #613Q, #32H, #33H and #RED.

How to care U tip hair extension


  • Do brush 2 to 3 times a day and before showering or wetting hair. Hold the roots of your hair with one hand while brushing in a downward motion with the other. Brush gently, and be particularly careful with the bonds.
  • Do avoid salty or chlorinated water. Salt and chlorine harm your hair extensions just like they harm your natural hair.
  • Do apply any oils or sprays from the midshaft down, avoiding the bonds. Leave-in conditioners and hydrating oils are great for hair extensions, especially if they are feeling dry.


  • Don’t wash your hair too much. We recommend washing the hair as infrequently as possible and using a dry shampoo to absorb oils and make your hair feel and smell fresh. Certain hard or mineral intense water may also deteriorate bonds or the condition of the hair.
  • Don’t sleep with wet hair. Once your hair extensions are completely dry, braid hair or tie it in a loose ponytail.
  • Don’t use heat tools too often. Just like with natural hair, too much mechanical heat will damage hair. When you do use heat tools, be sure to use a heat protectant.
  • Don’t chemically process the hair. Avoid any products that lighten the natural color, create waves, or straighten natural curl.
Weight100 g

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