Tape hair Yaki straight Black color

Tape hair Yaki straight Black color will give you a subtle length and volume. Coming to APOhair, you will experience the best quality from Vietnamese human hair and the durability of strong brown tape.


It is hard to deny the popularity of tape hair extension. It is now regarded as the newest hair extension trend in the market. If you are a newcomer in this field, follow us to find out the exact concept of this hair extension and how to use it properly.

What is Tape hair Yaki straight Black color?

Firstly, let us tell you the definition of tape hair. As its own name, tape hair is understood as the hair extensions in which the top of the hair is attached with a small piece of tape. Due to its easy and quick application, tape hair attracts lots of customers in this modern hair market.

Tape hair can be made in different textures, colors and lengths, which provides the variety in APOhair’s collection. Here, we would like to emphasize more about tape yaki straight texture and black color. Look at the picture below to see it more clearly.

Tape hair extensions from APOhair receive much love from customers as they are made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair which contains no chemicals or synthetic hair inside. This method requires no tools or chemicals to apply. Also, because the hair is human hair, it can last up to three months. Also, remember that the hair of this method is reusable. It takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage.

Hair quality

You can believe in Tape hair Yaki straight Black color’s quality as we use 100% Vietnamese human remy hair to make all products during our production.

About the texture of Tape hair Yaki straight Black color

Yaki straight is the texture we made for this tape hair. Besides yaki straight, you can also try different textures for tape hair extensions. It can be kinky straight or natural straight hair.

Hair color

Black hair includes 3 shades. You can choose among color #1, #1A or #1B. Right below is the color chart we provide for you.

Hair length

The length of hair varies from 6 inches to 32 inches. If you love longer hair, please tell us in advance so that we can try to do it for you.

How to apply Tape hair Yaki straight Black color

We provide you the most basic step to apply tape hair extensions. Hopefully, these steps are helpful for all of you.

#1: Make sure that your hair is clean and dry before installation

#2: Section your hair by starting at the nape of the neck area. Be sure to allow enough hair to disguise the adhesive tabs if you were to wear your hair in an up-do style

#3: Using your tail comb, take a thin piece of hair that is slightly narrower than the tape extensions tab, leaving some adhesive exposed.

#4: Remove the adhesive backing and start by applying to the underside of the section, with the adhesive facing upwards

#5: Get your second tape piece, align perfectly on top of the first, and press firmly together with your fingers to secure. This will later create a sandwich of the hair.

#6: Repeat this process creating rows throughout hair leaving a 1cm distance between each “sandwich”.

#7: Be careful in the application process, not to apply the pieces too close to the root of the hair to allow for movement and ensure they sit comfortably without pulling or causing friction.

#8: Avoid placing pieces too far forward in the hair to ensure the tapes are undetectable.

#9: You can now cut and style to taste once all the pieces are applied. At this time, you’ve got a perfectly full and long hair.

If you love our hair extensions, just come with us. We are ready to provide you the most beautiful tape kinky straight black hair extensions.

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