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Lace frontal hair Deep wavy Brown color

Lace frontal hair deep wavy brown color gives you subtle volume and length with different shades. No one can detect your hair extensions because it is seamless with 4 tones for lace which match your skin incredibly.

  • Brown #2
  • Brown #2H
  • Brown #2Q
  • Brown #3
  • Brown #4
  • 08 inch
  • 10 inch
  • 12 inch
  • 14 inch
  • 16 inch
  • 18 inch
  • 20 inch

Many types of hair extensions are now available in Apohair’s stock. This post will provide you a very specific description of Lace frontal hair Deep wavy Brown color. Apohair hopes that our description is helpful.

What is Lace frontal hair Deep wavy Brown color?

In general, people choose lace frontal as they want to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear. For women who own traction, alopecia or thinning edges, lace frontal would become their very first option.

Lace frontals of Apohair are officially known as a great protective hairstyle because it covers and shields the entire head of the hair. Also, we provide the frontals which allow you the option to try on many different colors and styles without having to make a permanent commitment. In addition, you can completely add twists, braids for a realistic finish.

The size of Lace frontal hair Deep wavy Brown color

Lace frontals can be designed in different sizes but the most common size Apohair is producing is 13*4 inches. This is the size of the lace in which the hair is sewn.

For a more natural look, you should get a lace frontal of a deeper length. It enables the parting to be more realistic to your own. In case you love the versatility of wearing ponytails, side parts as well as the middle.

Hair texture

We are talking about water body wavy hair, a very basic texture for hair extensions these days. Besides, we also provide many other textures. It can be deep wavy, fumi wavy, body wavy, natural wavy or bouncy wavy hair. It can also be curly or straight lace frontal.

Hair length

The length of this lace frontal varies from 8 inches to 20 inches. Don’t forget to tell us in advance if you want another length. We will do our best to make it for you.

Hair color

Five main shades of lace frontal black hair are #2, #2Q, #2H, #3 and #4. If it is not your choice, you can try lace frontal of other colors in our collection.

How to apply a lace frontal

Installing a lace front sew-in is one of the most effective ways to apply a lace frontal to your natural hair. We are now providing the most basic steps for the application of lace frontal.

Step 1: prepare your needle by threading it with the proper knitting technique. Do not forget to prep the hair, bleach any knots and pluck the hairline for a more customized touch.

Step 2: braid your natural hair in either a horizontal or spiral pattern. This step helps ensure that the weave lays flat on your head.

Step 3: sew each track on to the braids in a side to side motion until you reach the place where you will apply the closure.

Step 4:  make sure to take the needle under the braid when you begin sewing the frontal. This process will help us make sure that the lace lays down flat.

Step 5: cut the lace to the length you want after you finish sewing the closure on your head. Next, apply an adhesive so that the frontal will stay in place on your head.

Apohair hopes that all the information we have provided above will help you much in your choosing suitable hair extensions which brings you a new look any time you feel like.


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