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While other hair extensions types can cover small part of our head or create volume and length to our tresses, wig will cover all our natural hair under its cap to make absolutely new hairstyles. APOhair produces wig from 16 inches to 30 inches. Depending on hair length, we will use 1 closure and about 3 Weave hair extensions to make a wig. Therefore, we call it Lace closure wig. We also hook more hair to the lace in 2 sides of our ears for natural look and add built-up comb to secure wig for better application. Instead of boring black, straight hair, our factory can customize wig with more than 30 colors and 16 textures to meet your end needs. Ombre wig is no longer unachievable now. Also, we have 4 cap’s sizes that are Small, Medium, Large and Extra large with specific statistic for you to choose.

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