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Ponytail extensions are designed to create immediately long and voluminous hairstyles. APOhair has 2 types of this hair extensions. The first version includes Weave hair extensions which woven on to a small piece of cloth, 2 built-up clips and 2 long strips of cloth to secure ponytail to our natural tresses. For the second version, instead of using 2 long strip of cloth, we using 1 small hair section and Velcro. While Velcro fits hair extensions to our hair, the small hair section will hide the seam between them. Therefore, you locks look natural and flawless. As other products, Ponytail from APOhair is made of 100% Vietnamese Human Hair with soft and smooth features. You can also choose its weight, length, texture and color as you want because our factory can customize it for you. If you want an energetic look, Ponytail hair extensions from APOhair will be your best choice.

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