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Clip-in hair extensions are the most flexible type which is known as temporary hair extensions. While other types need keratin, glue, tape or stiches to bond hair extensions to natural tresses, this one uses clip that helps us take the locks off easily without damaging hair or hurting your scalp. To make it better, APOhair uses 100% Remy Human Hair. In result, Clip-in hair extensions are smooth, soft and shiny, and able to last within 2-3 years. The outstanding point of APOhair is the ability to make Clip-in hair extensions sets as clients’ request in both weight and number of pieces. APOhair has our own factory located in Vietnam, therefore, we are always ready to customize hair extension basing on your demand. Besides, you have various options with our diverse palette and textures chart. If you want to have “Rapunzel hair” length instantly, Clip-in hair extensions are for you.

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