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1. What is the origin of your hair?

It is made of 100% Vietnamese human hair

2. How do you source and collect your hair?

We build a long-term partnership with wholesalers who directly collect hair from Vietnamese women. All the hair products that we export are sourced from Vietnamese donors.

3. How is the hair sanitized and Nits removed?

Our workers try the best to sanitize and remove nits from the hair. We use high-quality shampoo to wash the hair. All the nits are carefully removed by hands, making sure that the hair is clean enough and ready for any steps of production.

4. What are the hair patterns you have and how are the patterns created?

We offer three main patterns for the hair, including straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair, in which:

  • Straight hair is often the natural straight hair collected from donors. In case the hair is still not straight enough, we get the help from a hair straightener.
  • Wavy hair and curly hair are created in three typical ways: using hair rollers, hair curling machine and hot steam methods.

5. How are the cuticle of the hair?

All types of hair extensions inApohair are Vietnamese remy hair, meaning that hair cuticles remain and face the same direction.

6. Do you offer kinky hair type?

Certainly. It is one of the most popular hair types in our collection. We have two specific ones: kinky straight hair and kinky curly hair.

7. How to place an order?

Step 1: Sent us a message about your order details via”Contact” Form, or email us directly at
8. Is there a minimum order quantity?

You can buy 2 bundles,a hundred bundles or more. The more you buy,the more discounts you get

9. Where is the product shipped from? What is the cost of shipping?

All our products are shipped from Vietnam .We ship orders using DHL , UPS, EMS, Fedex …. We do offer expedited shipping at the cost of customers’ expense and estimated delivery costs/time vary depending on which kind of service is chosen, weight of package, and delivery destination.

10. How to pay for my order?

Once you have confirmed the price, you can pay for your order by Western Union, Money Gram, transfer (T/T),or Paypal, a +4% extra charge will be applied to your order price if you choose Paypal. Once the payment is completed, we will inform you as soon as possible.

11. I noticed that some of the bundles have a slight lighter hair color than other bundles I have ordered previously. I also discovered a few grey hairs present, is this normal?

Absolutely. This is perfectly normal. Please understand that 100% pure Virgin hair is untreated hair. It comes from various donors. Some donors are older than others and vice versa. Each donor will have a different hair curl pattern and hair color ranging anywhere from an off black to a natural brown color, and yes, even a few gray strands here or there. At no time will virgin hair bundles ever look the same because all hair is not donated by the same person. What is always consistent is the raw and natural quality of the hair. The gorgeous texture and gentle blend that it has with your own natural hair.