Ombre hair extensions – “On trend” hairstyle you should try!

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Ombre hair extensions are probably the most popular ‘on trend’ hair looks…ever! Think Kate Beckinsale, Khloe Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen. Ombre hair has been the ‘go-to’ look for many years now and maybe this trend isn’t going to cool off any time soon. So no need to fear that you would be joining the ombre brigade too late, if you transform your hair into an Ombre goddess, it will be ‘on point’ for a long, long time yet!

What does the word “Ombre” mean?

01 Ombre hair extensions

Ombré is a French word that means “shadow” – it’s known as a process that dyes the hair in a gradation from dark to light. Basically, the outcome is usually darker hair from the roots to the mid-shaft and a transition to a lighter color from the mid-shaft through to the ends. With Ombré hairstyle, there is a noticeable color blocking from dark to light, with a smooth transition in between. This technique make the hair look like it has been dip-dyed.

How to Wear Ombre Hair Extensions

If you have short or medium length hair, you will be able to wear ombre hair extensions without trimming your hair or already having your own hair ombre. (No chemicals needed, no money spent on color at the salon). Having short to medium length hair, you are able to wear hair extensions and they will blend easily and will instantly add a pop of color.

02 Ombre hair extensions

When buying ombre extensions, simply match the base color of the extensions to your own hair color and then choose the ombre color you like. Keep in mind, a more natural fade will look most natural, for example the chestnut brown ombre is the most popular because it looks natural and blends well. Lighter ombre will work if you have them cut and blended or you already have ombre hair.

The great benefit for women with short to medium hair lengths is that they can change their hair color effortlessly and instantly with ombre extensions.  Also, you don’t need to color your own hair so you can save your money and hair while still achieving the ombre look. Just make sure to have your ombre extensions cut and blended in the salon for the most natural look.

If you have longer hair you will have to have your ends ombre already to make sure that the extensions you choose match your current ombre hair. If you have long hair with a solid color and you attempt to wear ombre hair extensions, it will not look natural and can be recognized that you are wearing hair extensions. So when purchasing ombre extensions, remember to choose a base and ombre color that are very similar to your ombre hair. Keep in mind that you can go 1-3 shades within your ombre colors and it will still blend well. Don’t forget to use a color ring or sample to match your own hair.

Almost everyone can wear ombre extensions, but the most important thing is making sure they match your hair and that the extensions are cut and blended well in the salon. Cutting hair extensions by your own will make them undetectable and will make all the difference.

Choosing Ombre Extensions

03 Ombre hair extensions

Not all ombre hair extensions are created equal, make sure to know what the hair looks like before buying. The most important part of choosing ombre hair extensions is being sure that you are purchasing from a company which has a great ombre blend and fade. The fade in the ombre extensions is the most important element of purchasing ombre extensions. Be sure that you purchase a set of ombre extensions that are faded and blended perfectly. Any harsh lines and bad blending will look fake and make you not love your hair extensions anymore. Try to have ombre extensions that look as if a hairstylist did it. A lot of companies on the market have straight lines or don’t even blend at all! This is due to mass production manufacturing problems.

04 Ombre hair extensions

Here at APOHAIR, we have a strict quality control for our ombre extensions to ensure each has a natural ombre fade, as if the hair stylist just hand painted the extensions themselves. All our ombre and other types of hair extensions are made of 100% Vietnamese Human Hair. You can visit our website for more details!!!

05 Ombre hair extensions

You can almost wear any type of color ombre extension if you do the following tips:

Purchase high quality ombre hair extensions with a natural fade

Make sure the ombre base matches your own base

Make sure the contrast isn’t too drastic (for example: black to platinum blonde ombre)

Make sure they are cut and blended well at a hair salon

Make sure the shade is within 2-3 shades of your own

Don’t see ombre extensions that match your hair? Here is what to do:

Purchase blonde extensions (the blonde ombre you want)

Have your stylist color them for you

Have them applied, cut and styled well by hairstylist

Some examples

Ombre Chestnut

06 Ombre hair extensions

One of the darkest Ombre

Mocha Brown base that slowly transitions into Chestnut Brown towards the bottom

Best match for those already color matched to our Mocha Brown shade

Perfect for women who have very dark warm brown hair and want to add color to the ends of their hair

Ideal for those with very dark warm brown hair with a light golden brown ombre at the ends

Ombre Blonde

07 Ombre hair extensions

Dark Brown base that slowly transitions into Dirty Blonde towards the bottom

Best match for women who have hair color that has already matched to Dark Brown shade

Perfect for women who have dark warm brown hair and want to add color to the ends of their hair

Ideal if you have dark warm brown hair with a warm medium blonde Ombre at the ends

Ombre hair extensions: Pros and Cons

The Pros Of Ombre Hair Extensions

It couldn’t be easier to maintain!

Once you have successfully achieved an ombre hairstyle, the maintenance for it is almost effortless. If the roots of your hair are naturally dark, they will just keep growing up without having to return every few weeks for a touch-up. A touch-up will only be required if your roots are lighter than the ‘shadow’ color of your ombre shade, or if you wish to pull more of the lighter color through the ends a few months into your style.

Ombre hair suits everyone!

08 Ombre hair extensions

An added bonus of this style is that it can be adapted to suit any skin tone, hair texture, and color. If you have a fair complexion, lighter ends may be more suitable. And if your skin is a darker/olive skin tone, then caramel ends would be more flattering. APOHAIR Ombre hair extensions are designed to be the most flattering color combinations, which will allow you to choose your hair extensions accordingly.

It doesn’t have to be a drastic change.

If you are hesitant to color or even bleach your hair, forget it, it’s no fear! The luxury of hair extensions is that you can completely transform your look without ever having to touch the colorants! Because our Ombre hair extensions come with a range of darker root stretch shades, you don’t have to worry about the extensions will poke through when applied or worn up in a ponytail. Ombre Hair Extensions from APOHAIR are designed to give you the most natural finish.

09 Ombre hair extensions

The Cons of Ombre Hair Extensions

Although there aren’t many, there are a few downsides to Ombre Hair.

Firstly, when deciding to color your hair before applying Ombre Extensions, you need to be cautious of causing any damage to your own hair. Depending on what color/even bleach your stylist decides to use to alter your hair color, you need to be aware the damaging side effects that may arise, such as dry ends. If your ends are your desired color, you may only need to paint your roots, or grow out your natural roots, ask your stylist if this is a possibility. Alternately our Ombre and Balayage range can be applied straight to the hair with the need to color your hair beforehand, meaning you can avoid any damage completely!

If your hair is naturally dark, or you have been dying it dark for some time, you need to be aware that achieving a multi-tonal ombre look is going to take time. Processing and coloring hair safely and efficiently doesn’t happen overnight, if you are wanting Ombre hair for a specific event, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to allow for the desired look. The same applies if you wish to return from Ombre to a dark shade, a great color transformation doesn’t take 20 minutes.

Make sure to invest in deep conditioners and nourishing products if you are bleaching the ends of your hair, this way you can protect yourself from any potential coloring damage as much as possible. It’s so necessary to prepare some aftercare products suitable for both hair extensions and your hair. When your hair goes through such a lengthy process, it is important to care for it afterwards to keep it looking fabulous! The same will come to hair extensions, if you’re investing in hair extensions, remember that investing in good hair products to keep them feeling and looking their best is a must.

Your turn: How do you think about this hairstyle? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. Keep following our website for more tips, new and how-to guides. Have a nice day!!!

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