Mastering a perfect wavy ponytail hairstyle in 15 minutes

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On hot summer days, it seems nothing is more wonderful than your right decision for a suitable wavy ponytail hairstyle. If you still find it hard to choose which style to follow, read until the end of this blog post. We are sure that some hairstyles may draw your attention.

Why choose wavy ponytail hairstyle?

wavy ponytail

Wavy ponytail is the ponytail designed in wavy texture. Basically, wavy hair is the medium of curly and straight texture. Recent statistics have shown that more and more people in modern life would rather get a wavy hairstyle for their new look. Absolutely, a ponytail hairstyle looks gorgeous when people give it a wavy texture.

Admit it, ladies. There are days when you seem to have all the time in the world to focus on your hair. In contrast, there are days you only have less than 15 minutes to prepare all for a date night? In those circumstances, choose ponytail and learn some hair tricks to go for.

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How to master a perfect wavy ponytail in 15 minutes?

Things you need to prepare

– Curling iron

– Hair spray

– Hair extensions (if necessary)

Please note here, if you need to add length and volume to your natural locks, prepare some set of wavy ponytail extensions. If this is difficult, a set of straight ponytail is also a choice. Click HERE to look at typical items in APO hair’s ponytail collection.

Five steps to achieve new wavy ponytail hairstyle

wavy ponytail hairstyle

Below are the most basic steps to master the installation of wavy ponytail hairstyle. Let’s try and check the result.

Step 1: Make a deep side part aligning with the arch of one eyebrow

Step 2: Get a one-inch curling iron to create loose curls for your entire head. Spray the hair to hold those curls in place. If you are luckily owning natural wavy hair, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Now you grab a section of your hair from the crown of your head. Backcomb the roots for added volume.

Step 4: Loosely gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck & secure with an elastic. A low or high ponytail, it’s up to you. If you are looking for something more interesting, leave a few pieces loose around the face.

Step 5: Grab one or some strands from the wavy ponytail and wrap them around the base, covering the elastic. It’s time to lightly tease the waves in the ponytail with a brush.

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The best wavy hair ponytail hairstyles for 2020

Natural hairstyle

natural wavy ponytail

Do you recognize anyone in this picture? Yeah, no one but Zendaya Rapunzel – the famous American actress. The gorgeous actress is shining with her natural wavy ponytail hairstyle. So, what is the key to her attractive ponytail? You just need to place it right on the top of your hair. Don’t forget to bring your luscious curls forward to sit on your shoulders.

Classic wavy style

wavy hair

Classic as it might be, this hairstyle is never outdated. Just by putting the hair to the side with a classic wave, you are going to achieve a chic and glamorous hairstyle.

Low ponytail with long bangs

low ponytail

Sometimes, beauty comes from simple things – like this. Only with a low wavy ponytail and a few pieces left, you look so stunning.

Mix color hair style

mix color ponytail

Ponytail hairstyle is cool, even it is in dark or light shade. In this picture, you are looking at a very dynamic Beyoncé. Our talented singer is making her wavy pony work by pulling off a high side ponytail. The one that makes this hair more mysterious is its mix color.

Soft wave ponytail

soft wavy ponytail

Never be too serious in styling your hair. Just you are wearing a serious dress on the red carpet doesn’t mean you have to wear prom hair to match. Be yourself, be comfortable to keep things chic with a soft wave ponytail. That’s perfect.

If you are not confident to have a new wavy ponytail style with your natural locks, tell us. Many types of ponytail hair extensions are available in our collection. APO hair is now ready for you to order. Visit our website at the address to get more information about hair extensions, hair care and hairstyle.

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