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I wonder if any of you have been in a situation like me – looking at the TV, admiring some celebrities, and feeling so insecure about how my hair looks nothing like them. Of course, I aware that in the real world – a non-celebrity world, natural hair that long is hard to be seen, so I decided to do some searches, and you know what? I found hair extensions! From then on, hair extensions entered our life as an indispensable part, and the one I’m talking about here is the ultra-long 22 inches hair extensions.

Chances are that you’ve already been inundated with hair extension ads brands, even before this post. But the true question is, where should you start when it comes to looking for such long a hair extension? With too many choices of brands, types of hair available on the market, it is surely daunting to know if the hair you ordered does suit you, or what ways of applying hair extensions is of your convenience. To help you reduce such an overwhelming task, I’ve compiled a list of the most basic information about the 22 inches hair extensions. So before you place another hairstyling appointment, get familiar with the 22 inches hair extensions.

22 Inch Hair Extensions

What are 22 inch hair extensions?

22 inch hair extensions

Hair extensions, or artificial hair integration, are known to be the fastest yet most effective way of getting a long stunning lock. Obviously, no one wants to become a slave to their own hair. The hair extensions will be the one to help you with that thanks to their ability to add luscious volume and extra length to others’ hair.

The 22 inches hair extensions are known to be a very long hair length, as the hair reaches your lower back, straight down to the waist. Long hair has always been of the most go-to hairstyles; it has been there since forever. Like, we all have that moment when we dream of a Rapunzel-like hairstyle, right? Besides, natural waist-length hair takes a lifetime to grow, and that’s the fact. What’s more, once you grow your hair to such length, the strands are usually in a so-called less-than-stellar condition. That’s why it is vital to prepare yourself with a set of 22 inches hair extensions, in case you feel lusting after a fancy waist-length lock.

Synthetic hair or human hair?

Synthetic hair

While synthetic hair extensions (as known as artificial hair extensions), which synthetic polymer fibers manufactured into small strands that look like human hair, are a much cheaper choice, they are not as a popular option as the other one. As polymer fibers are very easy to compose, the price of these hair types won’t cost too much. When it comes to synthetic hair extensions, those who decided to have hair integration for styling purposes may not a big fan of it, since the hair can be melted easily when exposed to heat products.

Human hair

On the other hand, human hair extensions, though can be rather pricey, are much more popular than its counterpart. Human hair extensions, or Remy hair extensions, are hair that is collected from real human beings, hence the name. Donors of this type of hair are normally carefully selected by the companies themselves, with hair that went through zero chemical or heat styling process. As a result, the hair usually possesses outstanding quality and strength as well as has the most natural outlook. Be that as it may, as human hair extensions are high-classes, they are sold at a rather high price. The prices can range from $100 for a hairpiece and up to $4000 for a full set of hair extensions.

Just a slight change to your lock as you put on the 22 inches hair extensions, you’ll be able to draw all attention to you. It is chic, not too fussy; it’s simple to wear, and it’s dramatic. Yep, you hear me, the 22 inches hair extensions is absolutely a match made in heaven for you, especially if you’re following a dramatic style. Again, long hairs are the most versatile, so if you get a set of 22 inches hair extensions, make sure that you try as many hairstyles as you deserve to have. Be that as it may, hair caring, which we will mention later in this post, is also a major step when having your extensions.

Types of 22 inch hair extensions

apohair hair extensions

The application method is one thing to notice when choosing your suitable hair extensions. Depending on the lifestyle as well as how long you would like your hair extension last, there’re several 22 inch hair extensions types for you to choose from.

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Hair Wefts / Sew-in Hair Extensions

One of the most classic forms of hair extensions is weave hair, or mostly known as sew-in hair extensions. This is a method of semi-permanent hair application as you want to sew the hair wefts onto your own hair strands. Hair weave appears to be the most go-to hair extensions, thanks to it being a quick and simple way of applying hair extensions as well as its reasonable lifespan. Normally, a set of sew-in hair extensions can last up to 6 to 8 weeks, not to mention that they can be reused if cared properly.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

tape in hair extensions

If weave hair is the most classic, tape-in hair extensions are on the other side – they are one of the newest kind of semi-permanent methods of applying hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are mostly f hairstylists’ preference, as they are the most chosen hair integration method in 2019. A side note for you is that you should leave your hair unwashed at least 3 days after installation to make sure that the bonds are all secured.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

When talking about the easiest type of hair extensions to apply and take off, it would be a big mistake not mentioning the clip-in hair extensions. Clip-ins are by far the simplest way of hair extensions installation, as they are designed to be taken off right after each time you use it.

Micro Rings (Micro Loops)

Apart from the typical types of hair application above, there’re also the micro rings and the micro bonds, or glue-in hair extensions as permanent methods. Micro rings are actually hair extensions that added stand by strand onto our personal tresses. When applying it, you will have your hair attached to the extensions using very small rings. The rings used for micro rings are usually resin or aluminum lined with silicone to hold the hairpieces on your stands. Micro rings hair extensions offer a very natural-looking outlook, as it is almost impossible to detect if you’re having hair extensions or not, no matter how you style your hair. The seamless transition between your hair and the micro rings is the strongest point of this type of hair extensions.

Micro Bonds (Glue-in)

Glue-in hair extensions, or micro bonds, technically, are created by inserting a line of keratin on the hair tips so that you can melt it later on. When installing the hair, you want to use ultrasonic waves in an extra hot heat to melt the keratin line. After that, you want to attach the hair to the hair shafts. A standard package of micro bonds will contain 100 hairpieces, in correspondence to your 100 hair strands.

For the 2 types of hair extensions I have mentioned, it is extra important to take great care of your extensions, as they will stay on your natural hair for a long period – 3-4 months in particular.

Which factors decide the price of 22 inch hair extensions?

Types of 22 inch hair extensions

Letting aside the synthetic ones, most human hair extensions cost $100 and above. For the most affordable price, you may want to go for the clip-in hair extensions, or bulk hair, which are hair buns that are fixed with tight hair elastics. As they are easier to remove, the clip-in hair, bulk hair, or sometimes even weaves offer you the most reasonable prices. Meanwhile, as they are designed especially to cover the entire head, the wigs can be rather pricey – you know, since we have to use a lot of hairs to create a single wig.

Hair quality

Another factor that affects the cost of 22 inch hair extensions is the hair quality, as we stated before, synthetic hair extensions are loads cheaper than the human Remy hair, while Virgin hairs are the most high-end product. The reason for this is that Virgin hair extensions are made from hairs taken from a single donor, usually carefully selected so that the hairs are at their best condition when being taken off the host.

Hair textures

wavy textures

In terms of hair texture, the prices can be varied, depending on the process of styling hair. For example, Asian’s hairs are normally straight, then naturally straight Asian hair will be sold as the cheapest option for texture. On the other hand, Brazilian hair, with its naturally curly texture, will have the straight hair texture at a higher price than that of the curly texture. At APOHAIR, we sell 22 inches hair extensions with all 3 textures – straight, curly, and wavy. For straight hair, we’ve got the natural straight, Kinky straight, and Yaki straight hair texture. We have natural wavy, body wavy, deep wavy, and water body wavy for the wavy hair extensions. As for the curly hair, there are 5 textures available on APOHAIR – deep curly, loose curly, kinky curly, romantic curly, and Fumi curly.

Hair standards

Another thing you may want to consider when looking at the price of hair extensions is hair standards. The higher the standard the costlier your hair extensions will be. Generally, there will be 2 main standards for hair extensions – single drawn hair and double drawn hair. Just as their name, single drawn hair extensions are usually more economical to customers. At APOHAIR, we’ve set 4 main standards for our 22 inches hair extensions.

Single Drawn Hair

At the lowest price, we have the single drawn type 1 hair extensions. Hairs at this standard are usually collected from several hair lengths. Thus, a set of single drawn type 1 hair extensions are normally only around 50% full length. The same goes for single drawn type 2 hair extensions. There is only the slightest difference between the single drawn type 1 and type 2 hair, which is you will get 50-60% full length when having the single drawn type 2 hair, and of course, the prices of these two standards are just subtly different.

Double Drawn Type 1 Hair

Possessing a fuller outlook in comparison with that of the single drawn, double drawn type 1 hair extensions are of the most popular choices among all, as they offer 70-80% of hairs that are at the same length. Besides, the price of hair at this standard is also the most reasonable one, which is a huge plus point for the double drawn type 1 hair extensions.

Double Drawn Type 2 Hair

Double drawn hair type 2, or also known as super double drawn hair extensions, are hairs that are of the highest quality available on the market at the moment. Offering as nearly as a hundred percent of same-length hair, the super double drawn hair extensions can give you the most voluminous, most lustrous hair look ever. Having said that, you get what you pay for, that’s why it might cost an arm and a leg to get a good set of double drawn type 2 hair extensions. But again, why hesitate when you can get a gorgeous look and being the center of extensions just with a change in your hair appearance?

How to Take Care of the 22 Inch Hair Extensions?

22 inches of hair is very long, and it is totally normal if you don’t know how to deal with it once you brought it home. So, here we have listed some essential steps to take good care of your 22 inches hair extensions so that you will get some ideas of how to maintain your wefts.

Use heat protectants

The very first thing to take note when it comes to taking care of your 22 inch hair extensions is to always use the heat protectant when heat styling. Just like your personal tresses, hairs from your weave are also real human’s, and they are as vulnerable as yours. Therefore, if you’re truly looking to a long-lasting set of hair extensions, use heat protectants to protect your hair from the high heat level from heat products, such as the straightener or the hairdryer. Speaking of hairstyling, you may also want to use a leave-in product when styling the hair extensions. These leave-in products will play the role of moisture suppliers, hydrating the strands and keeping it at a healthy state.

Brush hair extensions carefully

Hair integrations are actually quite fragile. Hence, if you brush them carelessly, high chances are that your hair will later shed everywhere, and of course, breakages will also appear. Yes, we are talking about how you want to brush your hair extensions! When deciding the right comb, a boar bristle brush can be the most perfect option to opt for, especially when you have hair at long lengths. Boar bristle brushes, or any other natural fiber brush, greatly contribute to reducing friction and breakages on the strands when brushing. As for how to brush your wefts, just simply start from the hair tips and work its way up. Make sure that you’re being as gentle as possible. Once you’re done with the brushing, it is best that you store your 22 inches hair extensions in a box or case to prevent the hair from getting detangled or piled up.

22 inch hair extensions mix color

Now that you are well informed about the 22 inch hair extensions, it’s time to pick up your wallet, treat yourself a set of it and visit our website for the best hair extensions. And hey, don’t forget to share your breathtaking hairstyles with the 22 inches hair extensions with us in the comment section below. It’d be great to stumble across your beautiful pictures and interesting stories behind it.

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