Long black wig: The secret of simple beauty for modern women

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We can’t deny that hair fashion is another word for versatility. The development of the hair industry has allowed you to change your hairstyle in the shortest and most effective way. Everything is reachable now: long, short, medium, bob, straight, wavy, curly, layered, and all variations of female haircuts. After all, what really matters is your own taste and preference, right? Despite the emergence of many modern hairdos and haircuts, some people still prefer the good old long hair. For short-haired girls, long black wig is all they need for a new attractive long hairstyle.

About long black wig

long straight black wig

Long black wig owns the length that is from 24 inch up. If you are having short hairstyle and want to try new look with long locks, choose long black wig.

Long black wig seems to be quite simple in black color. However, the process to make a wig is not as simple as it might be. To create a wig, the worker needs to be a skillful and experienced person. Wig is a hand-made production. It requires a lot of skill, attention, patience.

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Why choose long black wig hairstyle?

long wavy hairstyle

We have to admit that long hair needs a lot of hard work to look beautiful and healthy. However, many women don’t give up on having their hair below the shoulders or maybe butt-long. Keep on reading to explore what are the amazing benefits of having long hair.

#1: Versatility

Do you agree with us that long hairdos are so versatile? After all, while short hair doesn’t let us choose many variations in haircuts or hairdos, long locks can be worn in whatever way you like. It can be braids, ponytails, buns, with bands, straps, totally straight, with or without curls.

Regardless of the occasion, a long hairstyle will let you change your look in any of your favorite way. You can now show up with a new look. Especially, with long black wig, you can do more than that. Black hair is the original hair color for almost all types of hair extensions. You can get long black wig and then dye it into another shade you love.

#2:Cold protection

Is anything more wonderful than having a long hair in cold days of winter? Unlike women with short hair, long-haired girls find it easier to protect themselves from the colder weather with their own strands. Trust us, a new long black wig can help keep the neck, ears and back warm much better than any beanies, cap or even hat.

#3: It is said that men like it better

human hair wig

Of course, this is not the most interesting point of having long hair. After all, what matters is to have a good look for yourself first, regardless of anyone else, right? However, it is rumored that the opposite sex is really impressed by long-haired women.

To know if this is true or not, there are many ways to determine and it’s up to each of us to find out. You can do a quick and simple experience: pick a few male friends and then ask them if their girlfriends with short or long hair.

There is no scientific explanation but a lot of them will admit that long hair is prettier. Maybe because short hairstyles don’t fit all the face shapes or girls with long hair look more feminine, for example.

#4: It fits everybody

wavy wig

Yes, we need to tell that short hair doesn’t always look good in all face shapes. That’s why long black wig become one of the first solution of many short-haired girls. Long haircuts are very democratic as they match almost every type of face and body.

It’s hard to make a mistake if you are having long hair as you will always find ways to change something in your haircut to make it look more current. Some options you can try with your long hair can be bangs, layers and shag hairstyle.

Where to buy good quality long black wig

Are you looking for some high quality long black wig? If yes, APOHAIR is so proud as we are one of the biggest hair suppliers. Our wig collection are so big. We have many types of wigs that are available in various textures, colors and lengths. The reasons for you to choose our long black wig products are:

Firstly, it has perfect origin

We need to emphasize that our long black wig has perfect origin as all the hair strands to create a wig are from 100% Vietnamese women virgin hair. We collect hair from Vietnamese girls who always know how to nurture their hair in the most natural and effective way.

Because it is virgin hair, we make sure all hair cuticle remain and face the same direction. You don’t need to worry about hair tangling or hair shedding when getting our wig. There is also no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in any products of our collection.

Secondly, it has various textures

human hair long black wig

Curly, wavy and straight are three main textures for our wig. However, each of them contains many typical patterns for a long black wig. For example, long straight wig includes natural straight, yaki straight or wavy straight wig. Long black curly wig have romantic curly, loose curly or deep curly hair.

Thirdly, many length options are for you

In Apostore, the length for long black wig are from 24 inch to 28 inch. If possible, we will try our best to make longer hair wig to meet your demand. This is great, right?

Black color is never outdated

Indeed, our black color for wig consists of three main shades which are #1, #1A and #1B. You can choose any of them for your new hair change.

Many different types of long black wig in our stock are for you. Just click HERE to choose your favorite item and order. If you need further information about our products and promotions, tell us of visit our online store at the address Apostore.vn to know more. Many thanks!

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