How to sew in with closure – The easiest tutorial to follow

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In this modern life, more and more ladies tend to purchase human hair to show their unique beauty. However, not all of them are familiar with closure. In this blog post, APOHAIR is with you and together we will discover how to sew in with closure. Hopefully, you achieve the most perfect look with the installation of our bundles with closure.

How to sew in with lace closure exactly?

You can choose to use bonding or attaching clips to apply lace closure. However, until today, the most widespread method for installing a lace closure is sewing down the back or the closure and then using a bonding agent to glue the front hairline down. The rest of the hair weave will later be applied around the lace closure until you achieve the desired look.

sew in closure

Although applying lace closure is cool, not all people know how to sew in with closure perfectly. What are the basic steps of sewing with lace closure? Don’t worry if you haven’t known the method, continue the next part to discover more.

Step 1: Preparation

Use an invisible needle and thread to make sure that it seems like the thread just disappears in your head. After that, get the threaded needle lying next to the spool.

Step 2: Start to sew-in

APOHAIR body wavy bundle deal

Don’t forget to prepare your hair before sewing with lace closure. Doing that by braiding the hair in parallel format from front to back. After that, place the weave on the head and feel out the braids, part around the head.

In this step, make sure you line the hair up right where you want it to be. Using hairpins to pin it in the right place. Then, begin to sew right above the temples, down and around to the other side (there is no thread right in the very top).

Note: It is really important that you take the needle under the braid because, in that way, it forces the lace to lay down flat.

Step 3: Finish

After sewing the hair extensions, flip up the edges and then apply some adhesive. That’s all and you will achieve wonderful results after sewing the best human lace closure and bundles of weave hair extensions.

About the benefit of sew in with closure

APOHAIR believes that many of you have learned about this before choosing a lace closure for a new hairstyle. It looks more natural and it feels more like your own hair. It is because you have applied the hair securely on your head and the hair can last for a quite long time.  

In terms of hair extensions’ price, we suppose that lace closure is the cheapest option. In many cases, it can be much less expensive than other types of weave and wig installs. After all, lace closure is a long-term choice.

Sew in with closure bring you more chances to style your hair in different ways, for example, straight one day, curly the next. You should save your money on chemicals and perms and avoid damaging your own hair.

Sew in with closure also protects your hair as it gets much-needed rest to grow healthier. Protect your real hair from the elements while the hair extensions absorb daily wear and tear.

Lace closure is less damaging to your hairline if you don’t know how to apply and remove lace frontal adhesives.

How many bundles for a full sew in with closure?

sew in hair extensions

If you want to get an 8-14 inch, you need 2 bundles. In case you love longer locks from 16 to 22 inch, you will need 3 bundles deals. For the longer and thicker look, we suggest that 4 bundles are enough.

If you are looking for a new long hairstyle, you need to be careful about the hair bundles amount. Some people think that 3 bundles of 24 inch hair are enough and the result is, their hairstyle is still fine.

Choosing sew in with closure or not, it depends on what look you are trying to achieve. APOHAIR emphasizes that we are offering the best human hair bundles deals with the most beautiful lace closures and hair weaves. Just tell us, APOHAIR is ready to lead you to a new beauty. Follow us to get the latest updates about our products and promotions.

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