The greatest strategies on how to put on a wig cap

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Are you a new wig wearer? If yes, then chances are that you are wondering how to put on a wig cap. APOHAIR knows that even when you wear the hair unit regularly, you may not be sure whether or not the base is suitable for you. Just reading this post, you will discover all about how to put on a wig cap – the very basic step in a new wig installation.

What is a wig cap?

If you pay a lot of attention to the wig application or ask for some piece of advice from a professional hairstylist, you’ve heard about the wig cap, right?

put on a wig cap

A wig cap refers to the wig’s base material which assembles your head’s shape. In other words, it looks like a baseball hat. Do you girls prepare some foundation when doing a face makeup for a smooth and glowing effect for your complexion? Wig caps are just about the same. They can complement your hair looks and the locks are attachable to them.

Benefits of wearing a wig cap

Those with long hair, medium hair, or short hair all find a wig cap beneficial. For the most understandable reason, it acts as a barrier to protect your scalp and natural hair.

It protects your scalp

It is obvious that before you know how to put on a wig cap, determine its role in the wig installation. Do you have complete hair loss? If you are in that situation, you may fall in love with the wig caps. They are likely to protect your sensitive scalp. In case you haven’t updated this, it is possible that the skin covering the head can get irritating when you install a wig without a base material. To prevent that issue, you need to have the cap on for more comfort.

wearing wig cap

It helps secure your wig

You have to concern about some failures such as the wig may slip out of your hair when you put it on your base scalp. That’s why learning how to put on a wig cap is essential.

The wig cap, absolutely, keeps your wig secure. Mainly, it offers a friction layer against your hairpiece. It is hence notably beneficial to those with total hair loss. In lots of cases, women feel more confident as they can make sure their wig stays its right place.

Wig cap draws much attention from the wears with no or partial hair loss. It is considered to be a fantastic method of securing hair under the wigs. In addition, a wig cap can smooth out unexpected bumps from your bio hair. Your hair unit will then sit far better on your head. This is great in increasing the naturalness of your appearance as a result.

What is the material of a wig cap?

nylon wig cap

Nylon may be among the most popular materials to make a wig cap. If you feel your head slippery, choose this type. It will provide your hair system with something to be graspable and make sure it does not slide.

A mesh wig cap makes it easier for your scalp to breath throughout the wear. It helps when you wear the wig for an extended time.

Another material is cotton. Do you have partial hair loss? Or do you luckily not have thinning hair. You should be careful with this type. It absorbs quite well. This means the cap is likely to take the beneficial moisture out of the bio hair. As a consequence, your strands may get pretty dry. You don’t want or expect but in fact, this kind can hurt your natural hair.

How to put on a wig cap

Style your natural hair under the cap

braid the hair

Step 1: You should apply an appropriate amount of gel throughout the hair to hide the hair underneath

Step 2: Before you put on the wig cap, braid, cornrow or twist your natural hair to make it as flat as possible. You can rely on small bands to secure the braids. If you have difficulty sectioning the hair, spray a detangling product on the strands, making braiding simpler.

You may concern: Do I have to braid my hair under a wig

Put the wig cap on

Step 1: If you have sensitive skin, spritz a scalp with a protective product onto the head. The cap will save your scalp. To avoid any possible irritation, spray it around the head. Allow it to dry.

Step 2: Adjust the cap in line with your hairline. This will ensure the base material gives complete coverage of your bio hair. Position the cap’s edge so that it can remain on the forehead’s hairline.

Step 3: Pull the cap over the head’s back to your neck’s nape. This time, things become much more manageable.

Step 4: Rush the cap’s inside behind the ears

Step 5: Add pins over the edges for more security

put the wig cap on

If you are new to installing a wig, how to put on a wig cap is a really essential skill to master. For any further information, reach APOHAIR to update more. Also, don’t forget to follow our website for our latest products and promotions. We are having a wide range of bundle deals in our new collection and all of them are available in stock now. Do you want to try? Just tell us and we are ready to support you.

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