How to make a wig from bundles with closure?

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There are more and more people opt for a wig to protect their hair and have a stunning hairstyle on a daily basis. However, wig suppliers often offer wigs at some certain sizes while many users do not fit right, and they need the support of some accessories to tighten the wigs. That’s why devout wig wearers now love to make a wig on their own to get the perfect fit and reduce some costs. So today, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make a wig from bundles with closure.

What you need?

Human hair bundles with closure (a lace closure and three weft bundles)

Mannequin head

C-curved needle and thread


White pencil

Pins and hair clips

Wig cap

Wig combs and elastic bands


How to make a wig from bundles with closure?

Measure your head

No one wants a wig which is too tight that hurts their head or too loose that slip out all the time. Therefore, to create a wig that perfectly fit your head size, the first thing you need to do is to measure your head. To do this correctly, wrap the measuring tape around the perimeter of your head. After you take the measurement, note down the numbers and use them to select a wig cap with a suitable size.


Bleach knots on your lace closure

The dark knots on the lace closure are where the hair strands are secured to the lace base. Most of the time, they look quite synthetic; hence, you should bleach the knots to have a more realistic look for your closure. However, we do not suggest you do it at home if you are a beginner.


Luckily, the lace closure with bundles from GALAXY COLLECTION is made with HD lace film. That means you don’t need to bleach the knots as the invisible lace material already resembles your skin tone perfectly.

Decide the front and back of the wig

Based on your measurement, use the white pencil to mark the position of your ears on the wig cap. You can place the wig cap on your mannequin head, then put the front of the lace closure over the cap to get the correct marking. At this point, you need to determine which side is the front and the back of your wig.

Sew the lace closure to the wig cap

Put the lace closure over the wig cap. Make sure the lace matches your hairline position. Next, use some pins to secure the lace closure onto the mannequin head and you can start sewing it to the wig cap, along the edge of the lace with your U-curved needle. Remember to make tight knots at the beginning and the end of the stitching to keep the lace well attached to the cap.


Sewing the weft bundles to the rest of your wig cap

Sewing the weft bundles to your cap. You should start the first track at the bottom of the cap (the part near the nape of your neck). If your weft is long enough to make another round, fold it and continue sewing a new track. If it’s short, you need to cut it and then make a tight knot and carefully cut off the extra part. You should make sure that the tracks lie close to each other so that your wig will not look thin and unnatural. It will be better if you can estimate how many tracks you need to make before sewing.

If this is your first time sewing a wig, you can outline the tracks with a white pencil. Use some pins to keep the wefts in place into the cap and it will be easier to sew.

When you reach the lace closure, sew the last track directly to the lace closure and secure it with a knot. Remember to cut off the excess weft track. And if you want a fuller look, you can sew another track one the sides of the wig cap.


Attach the combs and elastic band

Wig combs and elastic band are the useful wig accessory that helps you secure the wig on your head. Hence, it’s better to have them with your wig even when the wig fit your head size.  Take your wig out of the mannequin head and trim the excess part of the wig cap. After that, sew the elastic band and combs inside your wig. You need to sew the band to the rim of your dome cap. Then, it’s time to decide the number of combs to apply to your wig. You need to sew each side at least a comb and one at the back of your wig.


Try your wig and make styling

Try your wig on your head to see if there is anything wrong, so you can make an instant adjustment. After that, you can make some styling to your wig to finalize its look. Plucking your wig and making some baby hairs will help the front part of your wig more natural. If you have a straight wig, you can use iron curling to curl some waves for a beautiful look.

And now you can wear your brand-new wig and get ready to go out. We hope that the tutorial on making a lace closure wig from bundles with closure will be helpful to you. If you have any questions regarding the wig-making process, feel free to send us in this blog post. Thank you for reading

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