How to achieve navy blue hair – the trendiest hair color among the young

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For a very long time, blue has always been regarded as a humble and demure color. Many anthropologists who research in the fields of color have mentioned that blue color actually did not express any sort of significance. It was not until the Middle Ages arrived, Christianity became popular and color blue became associated with Mary, the Mother of Christ that people began to talk about the meaning of blue color. Gradually, the upper class came to adopt this blue color as a symbol of wealth. People start to choose blue color for many things in their daily life. In the new trend of hairstyles, women also have their hair dyed in blue color. This article will be with you to analyze more about navy blue hair.

What is navy blue hair?

You can understand it anyway but our definition for this phrase mainly depends on the word “navy”. Navy blue hair is considered as the hair which is dyed in the blue color of the outfit worn by navy troops. Because of the fact that this color is the same as the color of navy troops’ clothes, people usually call this navy blue hair. In some other situations, it can also be called dark blue hair.

What’s new in navy blue hair?

Lately, navy blue hair has been drawing much of the public’s attention. The special thing of navy blue hair is that the look it brings deals with more than just dyeing your hair in a blue shade. Instead, navy blue hair concentrates more on bringing your hair with the same kind of look as a distressed pair of jeans.

How to achieve navy blue hair?

Here, we have some suggestions for you in the process of dyeing navy blue hair

Step 1: Wash your hair carefully.

Make sure that the hair has been fully cleaned before you proceed with dyeing. If not, it is possible that the dye might not adapt to your hair strands right away. Also, remember to check to see if you have shampooed your hair before you have dyed it. Note that applying conditioner to your hair is never recommended as it could stop the dye from entering your hair strands.

Step2: Combine the dye together.

Despite the fact that not all hair types requires mixing, some are exceptions. In those circumstances, it is important for you to read the instructions in the package carefully to combine hair dye. In this step, two main accessories are a dye brush and a durable plastic as they help combine the dye components together.

Step 3: Apply hair dye mixture

What to do now? After preparing the dye mixture, start to apply it to your hair. Here, you can choose to utilize some plastic hair clips to secure at least half of the hair above your head. By doing that, you can place the dye at the bottom layers first. Of course, hair dye of navy blue hair color is the most important thing.

Step 4: Wait for a while

You need to wait in a specific amount of time to allow the dye to sit in for as long as you possibly could. Many people wonder how long they have to wait. In fact, we have no exact answer for this question. Basically, the amount of time needed to leave the color onto your hair depends mostly on the type of hair dye you are using. Some allow you to leave it on your hair for an hour or more whereas some just require up to fifteen minutes.

Step 5: Remove the dye

The last step – remove the dye. It’s high time for you to rinse out the dye from your hair until the running water is fully clear again. It is essential for you to use warm water to wash your newly navy blue hair locks in this step due to the fact that warm water can easily remove a significant amount of dye. This can cause bad effect as the color might not look as vibrant as you want it to. Especially, if you are really fond of navy blue hair, but the result is not as your expectation, it would be a pity.

What are the different types of blue hair dye?

In general, blue is quite the same as many other hair colors. It consists of two main types which are permanent blue hair dye and semi-permanent dye. You can see it clearly that permanent hair color is relatively rare despite the fact that there are still a few options available for it. The reason why the permanent method is not really popular is that both the availability and the range of shades are increasing more and more these days. In modern life, colorful hair trends have created various styles such as ombre, mix or dip-dye colors which are more common among the young.

On the other hand, the range doesn’t come close to matching different shades in the semi-permanent method. That’s why you will be likely to use a semi-permanent dye to achieve navy blue hair.

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How to take care of navy blue hair?

Effects of hair dye

There is no doubt that dyed hair is different from undyed or virgin hair. This difference only lies in its color, it also lies in the entire structure and integrity of hair changes when it is chemically treated. Below are some possible changes you can meet when having your hair dyed in other colors:

– The hair becomes more porous

– Hair cuticles are often damaged during chemical treatment

– Weakness in structure

– Less elasticity

– May be weaker when wet

– Be prone to split ends or breakages

– As time goes by, the hair color will fade

How to take care of dyed hair?

There are a wide range of ways to maintain your hair after you color it. It’s completely possible for you to keep your color and hairstyle look pristine as long as you try the best to learn how to take care of dyed hair in the most proper way. APO store hopes that our following tips may be helpful.

– Dry the hair naturally when possible

– Limit the frequency of using hair dryer or heat styling tools

– Don’t comb or brush the hair while it’s still wet

– Use heat protection products when going out

– Apply smoothing serums

Navy blue hair is glamorous, right? Try this new look if you are interested in it. In Apostore’s blog posts, you can also find out many beautiful hairstyles and hair colors. If you need further information, ask us. We are here to talk to you about the most outstanding hairstyles and to provide you with the best quality hair extensions.

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