Hot trend – Blonde wig with bangs and tips to take care of it properly

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People consider that blondes have more fun and blonde wig with bangs is a great way to transform their look. However, admit it, ladies, caring for a blonde wig can be a real hassle. Have you got any ideal to effectively take care of your blonde wig with bangs? Suppose our post as a reference to achieve the most perfect hairstyle.

Blonde wig with bangs – trend among the young

blonde hairstyle

Using a wig is no longer a new method of changing hairstyle. The wig is designed in various colors, textures and lengths, giving the buyers many options to choose from. These days, we are looking at a very new, attractive and creative look with a trendy hairstyle – blonde wig with bangs. A lot of Hollywood celebrities choose blonde wig with bangs their partner for the continuous change of their hairstyle.

Unlike other types of wigs without bangs, blonde wig with bangs is ready to help wig wearers get a completely new look. Many women suppose that they tend to look younger and more dynamic with a new blonde wig with bangs.

If you are facing some bad hair situations such as thin front hair or hair breaking off at hairline, what would you do? Here we mention two popular ways that you can apply to deal with this problem. The first one is to choose a human hair wig with baby hair, creating a natural hairline. The second one is nothing but a wig with bangs. Your blonde wig with bangs will be a breakthrough when you haven’t tried the blonde shade before.

Why caring for blonde hair a real hassle?

blonde wig with bangs

The most noticeable reason, we believe you can realize. In comparison with black or brown shade, blonde is lighter. It means the hair with blonde shades have to suffer from a long process of bleaching and dyeing. The dyeing process is much beneficial when you go blonde from virgin hair as virgin is the highest grade of human hair extensions. However, this doesn’t mean that the hair can keep its good original state after being colored. This is impossible.

Our hair is sensitive to some natural elements such as water, the sun or air pollution, which are always ready to make our tresses brassy. If it is a blonde wig with bangs, things will certainly be worse. Also, over styling and processing, your blonde hair can leave your locks dry and prone to breakage. Don’t miss the next part, we are sharing some tips to keep your blonde wig with bangs look like the first time you get it.

wavy blonde wig

Tip 1: Keep wig hydrated

As you might know, bleaching or lifting a dark shade from our strands can be a very harsh process. This can strips the hair extensions of the many oils and nutrients hair cuticles has sealed within it.

Wig means the hair has been cut from donors. Nutrients and oils now can’t be kept. To help bring dry brittle hair back to life, we highly recommend you invest in a good leave-in conditioner or deep repair mask.

Tip 2: Protect wig from the heat

Right! Back away from a blow dryer, especially dryer at high heat. It’s important to determine that the less heat styling, the better. Be patient and try to let the wig naturally dry. Managing to add an excessive amount of heat styling to your hair can damage and dull your shine.

If you are addicted to heat styling methods (like many of us are), make sure that you’ve prepared enough protectant spray before styling. Never skip on a deep conditioning treatment!

Tip 3: Keep it out of the sun

wig with bangs

Wearing a blonde wig outside is cool. This promises to make you more confident. However, overexposure to the sun can both damage your skin and blonde wig with bangs. Harmful UV rays can dry out your locks and turn your beautiful blonde shade into a brassy shade of orange. That’s why don’t hesitate to get a cute hat along to protect your hair from the sun. You also need to opt for a UV/heat protectant to protect your blonde wig.

Tip 4: Finish off cold

It’s necessary to wash the blond wig with bangs to keep it clean. Yet, washing your hair too often is not good. Here, we suggest that you just need to finish off with a cold rinse each time you wash the hair. This will help keep your hair lustrous and shiny.

Tip 5: Be careful with oils

coconut oils

Women believe that oils are one of the best ways to nourish your hair. However, this is not true all the time. When it comes to blonde hair, using oils without the right proportion can make your hair look weighed down and greasy.

Be careful with oils that have a yellow tin as it can catch on to your hair and stain your blonde wig easily.

Tip 6: Dry shampoo

For a long time, dry shampoo has been known as the BFF of hair extensions and wigs. With the development of modern life, dry shampoo is now formulated for all hair colors and types. Some are dark and some have light color to them (which is perfect for blondes). Make sure that you are going to pick the right shade of dry shampoo.

APOHAIR hopes that our tips to take care of blonde wig with bangs are useful. Don’t forget that we are always having a lot of blonde wig products in our collection. Do contact us for any support and thanks for your attention!

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