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Galaxy – The premium collection in APOHAIR

Apohair sincerely thanks customers for visiting Galaxy collection – the premium collection in our store at the present!

Over the years, APOHAIR has been constantly innovating to improve all our product lines. The Galaxy Collection is one of the latest projects that APO team has cherished during the last one year. Stay here a few more minutes, together we will discover which factors make the Galaxy the most advanced collection in this new product launch. View that collection right away!

“The Galaxy collection is an idea from a long journey.”

This is an affirmation and also the sharing of our General Director – Mr Phan Van Toan.  25 years is a long journey. Such a long period is more or less enough for us to understand our customer’s basic needs.

APO’s clients are not just women who purchase hair extensions to install at home. They can also be hairstylists at professional hair salons or even hair wholesalers from any regions around the world.

Customers do not always buy full wigs to change their hairstyles. Sometimes, they would rather choose different bundles of weft and lace closure/frontal to create new wig or installation on their own. Understanding this, APO leaders consider it’s time we made improvements to meet customer’s needs. It’s the way we decide to research and pursue our new project – the Galaxy collection.

A new project does not mean skipping normal production. Instead, we start adding more values to diversify the product line. APO decides to offer two separate options in this latest collection. The first option is a wide range of wig products, meeting the ever-present needs of the customers. The second is a set of 3 wefts and 1 closure / 1 frontal for customers to create their hairstyle.

Going into the details of two product lines in Galaxy collection

As mentioned above, the Galaxy collection includes two separate product lines:

  • Line 1 includes various kinds of wigs
  • Line 2 includes new sets. Each set is designed with 3 weft bundles + 1 closure / 1 frontal

Detailed descriptions of each product line:

A wide range of wig products

Textures: body wavy, water body wavy, curly, kinky curly and straight.

Size: Wig 5×5, wig 13×4, wig 13×6, wig 360 and full wig.

Color: #1B – natural black color

Wig length: 16’’-22”

A new set of products

Structure: 3 weft bundles + 1 closure/1 frontal

Texture: straight, yaki straight, deep wavy, body wavy, water body wavy, natural wavy, curly, deep curly or kinky curly.

Size: Size of weft: 8’’ – 22’’; Size of closure/frontal: 8’’ – 18’’. A lace closure’s length is equal to the length of the shortest weft bundle in the same set. Below are 4 basic samples you can refer to in the Galaxy collection.

  • Set 1: weft 8’’, weft 10’’, weft 12” + closure 8’’
  • Set 2: weft 8’’, weft 10’’, weft 12’’ + frontal 8’’
  • Set 3: weft 18’’, weft 20’’, weft 22’’ + closure 18’’
  • Set 4: weft 18’’, weft 20’’, weft 22’’ + frontal 18’’

*Note: The length of lace closure in each set changes accordingly to the length of 3 weft bundles. The maximum length for lace closure/frontal is 18 inch.

Lace size: Closure: 4×4; Frontal:  13×4

Color: #1B – natural black color


In APO, we call Galaxy the premium collection. All the features of this novel collection reach premium quality.

Key steps to create a premium collection

APOHAIR is making clear all the key steps contributing to the premium values in the Galaxy collection.

Choosing the best hair origin

Hair products are selected from the most refined. All products in the Galaxy collection are made from 100% real human hair. These are virgin hair bundles collected from girls aged 18 to 20. The hair experiences no chemical intervention. It is the best hair nurtured naturally with the secret of Vietnamese girls.

Collecting hair

The collecting process is carried out carefully. Our hair collectors overcome lots of difficulties, looking to remote areas to find the best hair bundles. Hairdressers have to screen and select the hair with the most rigorous standards. This ensures the strongest, most natural hair, meeting the advanced requirements of the Galaxy collection.

Hair treatment

Hair treatment techniques are meticulously applied in all stages of hairdressing.

+ Workers at the factory use good quality shampoos and conditioners to wash the hair, making sure the hair is clean before styling. We hang our hair up so that it is naturally dry.

+ Our workers classify the hair carefully to ensure the best quality and standard materials

+ We use “hot steam” method to create different types of curly and wavy hair, absolutely no chemical interference

+ APO applies modern machinery, production lines of leading experts from KOREA, ISRAEL into the production process

+ We do not use synthetic fibers in any production stage

Quality control

The quality control department strictly tests final products through different inspection stages including PH test, elasticity test, color test, sewing & hooking quality test. We ensure all products are in the best quality before shipment.


Final products are meticulously and carefully packed, stored in a dry, cool & clean environment. We try to keep the best status for all products before shipping them to customers.


We are committed to supplying high-quality products with a long lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, our hair longevity can reach up to 3 years.

Choosing hair color

We keep natural black color (shade # 1B) for all products in the collection, meaning you can choose to dye the hair to whatever color you like.

Determining hair standard

APO applies premium standard to all products in the new collection. In this standard, almost all hair strands in the same bundle are carefully selected, ensuring the original, naturally healthy hair with long time use.

What is the meaning of Galaxy – Premium collection?

With Galaxy, APO expresses the desire to provide you with the greatest and most innovative values. We do our best in every step to make this collection worthy of its name.

“The choice is infinite. Get out of your comfort zone to experience newer & bigger things”. That’s the message APOHAIR wants to convey through this Galaxy collection. APO’s Galaxy collection will be a galaxy, mysterious but fascinating, where all of you, the stars, are free to shine and show your beauty!

Click HERE and start to discover our new collection. APOHAIR is now ready for you to order.

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