Finding new you with the ideal length of 28 inch human hair extensions

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Long, think and stunning hair is your dream hair? If yes, instead of spending hours at the hair salon and have your natural hair styled, you can choose hair extensions and create your favorite styles at home. APO hair’s 28 inch human hair extensions will help you achieve perfect hairstyles in the shortest time. If you want to make your appearance more and more attractive, believe us, you couldn’t miss this post.

Apohair is one of the most famous hair wholesale in Vietnam and each year we supply a large amount of hair to customers all over the world.

28 inch human hair

What is 28 inch human hair extension?

28 inches in length is on the list of the longest hair extensions in Apohair. The bottom of the hair can reach to your butt. You can’t imagine how gorgeous you are when you own this hair. Moreover, it also makes it easier for you to style your hair in many different ways. Straight hair will lengthen your height and make you look younger. Believe me!!

It is not too complicated to understand that 28 inch human hair extension is made of human hair. However, human hair also includes different types. Two typical types you can see in the hair market today are remy hair and non-remy hair. A piece of good news is that our 28 inch hair is 100% made of human remy hair, meaning that all hair cuticle remain and face the same direction. It means you don’t need to worry about hair tangling. The hair you receive will definitely be smooth and silky.

What are the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?

A lot of people experience a hard time deciding whether to buy human hair or synthetic hair. If you are in the same situation, we are going to let you in on the secrets of each and show you the pros as well as cons of both origins of the hair.

Human hair extensions


28 inch human hair

Like its own name, human hair extension refers to the hair extension that is made from human hair. It is normally the hair collected from donors. In APO hair, we use 100% Vietnamese remy hair to make all types of hair extensions. When it comes to remy hair, it means that all the cuticles (the outer layer of the hair) are intact. This allows you to achieve the most beautiful, silky hairstyles. Because it is human hair, you can comfortably curl, straighten, dye or style hair extensions like you are styling your natural hair.

Synthetic hair extensions

On the other hand, synthetic hair extension refers to the method in which the hair is made of synthetic fibers to imitate human hair. Often, hair from synthetic fibers is sensitive to the sun or high temperatures. That’s why it is much more difficult if you want to style, dye or curl the hair extensions that are made from synthetic fiber. At high temperatures, synthetic hair can melt, leading to bad effects on your hair. Also, it’s hard to style and blend with your natural hair.

Besides, in the hair market today, you can expect to pay from 60 to 80 USD for synthetic hair extensions, and from 100 to 150 USD for human hair extensions. This shows that synthetic hair is sold at cheaper prices. On the other hands, human hair is at a little bit higher prices. However, the quality of the two types, as mentioned above, are different. Depending on your own needs, you will choose the suitable type of hair extensions. In general, extensions from human hair can last up to a year or longer if they are properly cared for while synthetic hair can’t have the same lifespan as human hair extensions.

What makes APO hair different?

28 inch hair extensions

Many competitors in the hair business couldn’t deny many exceptional features of APOHAIR.

  • 100% our hair products are from natural hair. There is no existence of synthetic hair or chemicals added.
  • Since our foundation, we are very happy to gain our customers’ trust by providing high-quality hair products.
  • Our familiar customers come from many big countries in the world like the USA, India, Nigernia…. And we are trying to expand internationally as much as we can.

28 inch hair extensions would erase your worry about thin hair or fine hair. Let’s contact us to own one right now.

What colors are available?

When it comes to the color of 28 inch human hair extensions, many people tend to be confused. That is a common situation because choosing the right color which can enhance your face and your skin is not easy. Here are some of our colors for hair extensions I believe that you will like them.

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First of all, let’s talk about the dark colors first. A lot of people have the wrong perception that dark colors are only for middle-aged and old people. That is not true. If you have a look at Selena Gomez and Emilia Clarke (they used to have black hair), you will see that black and brown colors are also so gorgeous. They make your hair look so natural that no one can realize it is hair extensions. Plus, your skin will be enhanced that it looks healthy and strong.

Dark color hair extensions also give you a sense of nature. It is like you do not have to be something colorful, just be yourself and still, people love you.

Second of all, light colors are getting more and more popular among people all around the world. If you have a look at Asian people you will see that they love light colors too. They have natural hair color as black and brown but now they can change to some color such as yellow, brunette, or even pink and red.

In Apohair, we offer light colors such as light brown and blonde color. These are young colors so they will create a young image and dynamic appearance for people who use it.

There are many types of hair products in our collection. We deeply hope that you can achieve the best hairstyle which can make you more and more confident in your new look. Click HERE to get more information related to our products and promotions.

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