Everything you need to know about weave hair extensions

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For a long time, weave hair has become a familiar partner of many women. Recently, we receive many questions from customers about these hair extensions. Some ask us how much hair weave often costs. Others want to know if this type of hair is too expensive or not. Some wonder if it is detectable. Our article today will help you deal with all these matters because this is “all weave everything” – all the things you need to know about weave hair extensions.

What is a weave?

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When it comes to weave hair, there are many different definitions. However, in this post, we are going to provide you the simplest concept about it. A weave is defined as an artificial or natural hair extensions installed into human hair by weaving, gluing or clipping method.

It is said that weaves get its origin in Egypt around 3400 BC where people dyed human hair or sheep wool and then attached it to their heads with resin or beeswax. For more than 5000 years since its appearance, weave hair has brought gorgeous, long and thick locks to women in lots of countries around the world. When the hair extension is applied well, sew in weave will certainly add a lustrous and ultra-feminine glamour to our girls.

In modern life, weave hair still remains as one of the most basic hair extension types among a lot of women. Unlike clip in hair extensions which can be removed daily of any time you like, weave can last for several weeks with proper care. Some people may confuse a weave with a wig. However, these are two different types of hair. A wig is to cover your head while a weave is just sewn direction into your natural hair to accentuate and beautify it. The main role of the weave is to add length and volume to the natural hair.

Human hair weave and synthetic hair weave

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As we have stated above, weave hair has two origins which are human hair and synthetic hair. We will help you make clear these two types of hair

Human hair weave

The name has let us know the hair’s origin – human hair. In this type, weave hair extension is made of human hair which looks quite natural and strong. The advantages of human hair are:

It can blends well with your natural hair

Human hair looks quite natural, creating the most natural look

You can style, dye or curl the hair without worrying that it is damaged

Although you can realize that human hair has many great features, there are different types of human hair in the market today. Two typical types for it are remy hair and non-remy hair. Remy hair is the hair collected from donors. It means all hair cuticle remain and face the same direction. Using human remy hair helps you prevent the hair extensions from tangling or shedding. This is now the very first choice of many women around the world.

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On the other hand, non-remy hair is not collected from donors. Often, it is the hair gathered on the floor of different hair salons. This method of collection emphasizes that the cuticles don’t face the same direction, causing much tangling in the human hair weave.

Here you can come to the conclusion that remy hair possesses all the good features from human hair whereas non-remy hair cannot. Non-remy hair is much weaker and it’s hard if you want to style or dye it your way. The hair is likely to be damages after several times of styling.

Synthetic hair weave

It is made of synthetic fiber and sometimes called artificial hair. In general, synthetic hair looks quite the same as human hair and it’s really difficult to distinguish these two types. However, the key feature to know is that synthetic hair will easily melt at high heat. That means it will be much more difficult if you want to style, curl or straighten synthetic weave.

Because of the differences in the quality of two origins, the prices of them are different. Human hair weave is at a higher price than the synthetic one. If you are on a budget, you can use synthetic hair for temporary purposes. If you want a natural look with a new hairstyle, we suggest that you should invest in human hair weave and you can use it for a long time.

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Do weaves damage your hair?

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Each hair extension has its own effect with our natural hair, not with the exception of human hair weave. When you make too tight braids/cornrows, this can put pressure on your scalp and natural hair. When you sew human hair extensions to your natural hair to tight and let it too long, you may feel uncomfortable. That’s why you need to know how to install as well as take care of the hair properly. You should also wash the weave hair extensions to make sure that it always looks healthy, silky and smooth.

How much hair should I buy?

Finding a reliable hair supplier is a challenge, especially if you are a newcomer in this field. If you are wondering where to buy good human hair weave, let us tell you about APOhair.

APO hair is one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers which export various hair products to the international market. In Apohair, all types of hair extensions are made of 100% human remy hair. There is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in hair products.

If you want to buy hair in a bundle, we recommend that 3 bundles can be good. However, you may use 2 – 4, depending on the fullness and length of your natural hair. If you want to achieve long or full hair, 4 bundles are usually best. In case you just need a partial install, short hair or a sleek (not full) look, 2 or 3 bundles can be enough.

In APO hair’s collection, there are many different types of weave hair which are designed in various textures, colors lengths and standards. Just tell us if you want to order or know more about our hair extensions and we are ready to support you.

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