Drawstring ponytail straight: What is it & How to put it on?

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Currently, drawstring ponytail straight is one of the hottest trends among a lot of women around the world. Girls opt for a ponytail as it is one of the biggest and also fastest ways to add length and volume to their natural hair. APO hair guesses that you have seen this type of ponytail many types but we’re unsure if you know its exact name or not. For the ones who are still in doubt, ponytail like our image right below is called drawstring ponytail straight.

What do you know about drawstring ponytail straight?

Drawstring ponytail straight can be understood as the ponytail in which the hair is attached with drawstring and this drawstring is also the key method to apply ponytail into one’s head. Of course, the hair is in straight texture.

For the most basic concept, a ponytail is a type of hairpiece that comes in the form of a ready-made ponytail. Ponytail includes different accessories such as clips, hairpins, or drawstrings. All of them will allow you to install the ponytail securely to your natural hair. Here, the drawstring is the accessory going with the ponytail that determines the name of it.

drawstring ponytail straight

A ponytail can be made up of either natural hair or synthetic hair. Even, some hair suppliers mix two types of hair together to make ponytail/hair extensions. In general, most people would rather choose human hair for their ponytail. The reason is that this type is going to give you natural locks and you feel like it is your own hair. Nowadays, with the development of the hair industry, you can easily find various type of ponytail which comes in different textures, colors and lengths.

In terms of hair texture, straight, curly and wavy are three fundamental types for you to choose. However, it seems the one that draws much customer’s attention is still the straight one. That’s why today we choose to tell you more about drawstring ponytail straight.

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How to put drawstring ponytail straight hair on?

drawstring ponytail straight hair

It is now not a secret that ponytail is one of the leading choices of women these days. Instead of using some traditional methods such as sew-in weave, keratin hair, lace closure, or lace frontal, girls pick up ponytail. The reason for this lies mainly in the time the user may spend on applying those types of hair extensions. There is no doubt that ponytail is one of the quickest ways to add length and volume to your natural hair.’

Applying ponytail hair extensions is considered an easy task as you just need to take some basic steps for the whole installation. However, don’t be subjective, pay more attention as here is what you have to do. Of course, you shouldn’t miss any of them.

Four steps to achieve perfect hairstyle with a drawstring ponytail straight

ponytail hair straight

Step 1: Gather all your hair around in a ponytail and use an elastic band to secure it. Make sure that the ponytail now is tight and firm enough (we mean it is not too tight as this can lead to much pressure on your scalp, causing negative effects). The ponytail needs to be tight so it will not slide down amidst the day.

Step 2: If your hair is quite short and you think it might peek through the extensions, put your own ponytail into a bun. Otherwise, you can tie your hair into a loose twist and then secure the ends.

Step 3: Take the drawstring ponytail straight hair, put it in a suitable position. This will allow you to secure it tightly with the drawstring and then lock it in the right place.

Step 4: You can choose to do this or not. But we highly recommend that you should take a section of hair from the ponytail hair extensions. After that, wrap it around the ponytail band for a polished and sleek look. Use some gel or hairspray to finish off the look in order to tame your hair. This very last step will help you make sure that your drawstring ponytail straight stays firmly on your hair for a long time.

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How to style your ponytail hair straight?

straight drawstring ponytail styles

For those who want to style ponytail hair straight, we recommend that you should choose a drawstring ponytail straight made of human hair. Especially, remy hair ponytail makes it easy for you to change hair color and hair texture. You can comfortably go wavy from straight texture without worrying that the hair could get too much damage. Follow our website Apostore.vn to look for your favorite ponytail hairstyles and trust us, you can find the best one in our collection.

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