Do I have to braid my hair under a wig?

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How to prepare my natural hair for a wig installation? Do I have to braid my hair under a wig? These days, APOHAIR receives a lot of questions like these. And you don’t need to wait anymore, we are here to explain all those matters. Hopefully, our article is helpful.

The importance of preparing your natural hair before applying a wig

braid hair for wig

A wig is commonly known as one of the most effective ways to protect our natural hair. Thanks to the wig, our hair is protected from daily manipulation and breakage. In the large hair market, you find many types of wigs sold at a wide range of prices. While some people prefer high-end, there are some great ones at reasonable prices. However, not just price, you need to consider many factors before getting a wig.

Being a leading hair supplier in Vietnam, APOHAIR deeply understands that wearing a wig requires more than just buying a good quality human hair extensions. You also have to figure out how to wear it.

hair braids

Unless you are bald or have a short afro, you need to determine what to do with your hair under a wig. Some might think of brushing the hair back and gathering it into a ponytail. However, this solution doesn’t seem to work as it can cause hair breakage. You have more than 1 way to prepare your natural hair for a new wig installation.

Do I have to braid my hair under a wig?

We won’t use the word “have to” here as there are many options for you to choose when it comes to preparing your natural hair. Braiding your hair is one of the ideal methods to prepare your hair under a wig. There are two main types of braids for you to choose: French braids and cornrows.

French braids

French braid

“Braid my hair under a wig” is one of the most popular methods to wear your hair under the wig. Although braids are not as flat as other styles, they allow for hair to be protected, making it easier for women to maintain. Besides, it also allows easier access to the scalp when you want to clean or moisturize the hair. Here, simply place hair in small braids to minimize lumps or bumps under the wig.


hair cornrows

Cornrows are a special type of braid. Among various choices, cornrow is the most common style to wear your hair under the wig. A cornrow is the same as braid, however, allows for a flatter surface. The hair braided into cornrows is protected and less likely to be bulky or lumpy under the wig. In this way, divide the hair into small rows from front to back and braid down the length of your head.

Both French braids and cornrows are helpful if you have very thick hair. These methods also work when you want to wear a heavy wig and cannot find traction for hairpins in loose hair buns. Keep in mind, braid as close to the scalp as possible and concentrate the mass of hair in the back.

Complete the right base after braid my hair under a wig

wearing wig cap

This is the very final step you take to complete a solid foundation before applying a wig. As you have put up your hair, it’s time to hide it. Pull the wig cap over your head and down into your face. After that, pull it back up again until it meets the natural hairline. Make sure the cap covers your hair completely.

Use the tail of a comb to push any remaining flyaways under the wig cap. You can apply a hairspray to the temple area to help the hair stay put. Now, you’ve finished creating the perfect base, and let’s get ready to put on a new wig.

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Other methods to prepare your natural hair

Slick back your hair with gel

slick back the hair

This method is best if you have short hair. Now brush your hair and slick back the hairline with gel. Part your hair down the middle, grab one of the two strands and then pull it back like you were trying to put it in a tight ponytail. Twist until it starts rolling up like a snail.

You may want the hair to lie flat against the back of your head. We suggest that you fix the flat bun with a few pins. Repeat on the other side.

Twist your hair to form buns

braid my hair under a wig

Hair twists are considered the quickest style to wear under a wig but they are also the least popular. Although it is easy to create, a twist will frizz and tangle faster than braids and cornrows. Should you choose this method, remember to make them small so they will not leave lumps under the wig.

If you have moderately long hair, two flat buns are just enough to fit the hair under a wig cap. If you have very long or thick hair, multiple small buns are needed.

We believe that now you have determined the answer to the question ” Do I have to braid my hair under a wig”. The choices are yours. APOHAIR just wants to emphasize that braiding is the most effective way when it comes to creating a firm base for your new wig installation. Visit our wig collection and choose your favorite items right now! Human remy hair wigs from APOHAIR are now ready for you to order.

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