Discovering the best types of the latest 10 inch hair extensions

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If you desire to change your look but don’t know where to start, Apostore recommends that the first thing you should do is to look for a new hairstyle. If we pay more attention to all the things related to your appearance, we will realize that our face is going to change a lot when we decide to make our hairstyle different. And when you are not really ready to spend hours in a hair salon to have your hair styled in some textures or dyed in different colors, let 10 inch hair extensions help you deal with this problem.

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What are 10 inch hair extensions?

10 inch hair extensions describe some types of hair extensions that are 10 inch in length. This is a not too short or too long hairstyle. 10 inch hair extensions are suitable for those who love owning a medium length for their hairstyle. This shoulder-length hair is now drawing much of our girls’ attention. It brings us the youthfulness and dynamism that we are trying to pursue in our daily life.

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How long are 10 inch hair extensions?

10 inch is considered to be a medium length for a hairstyle. 10 inch hair extensions mean your hair product is 10 inches (25 cm) in length. Have you ever heard about the great advantages of having medium short hair?

Time-saving. We are sure that there will be some of you who are deeply busy with your works and for that reason, you even don’t have enough time to take care of yourself. It is understandable that caring for your hair also becomes a difficult task. In those circumstances, keeping your hair in short or medium length is cool. Many working women need to keep their hair not too long as this enables them to manage their hair more easily. In this way, they are saving much time and effort in their daily life.

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Normal reasons: The truth is that many of us cannot build up our longer hair than an about settled length due to many issues like hair fall, split ends. For this fact, having a medium hair length is just enough and suitable.

Climatic conditions: Humid atmosphere is an enemy of those with long and thick hair. Also, high-temperature summers make the condition worse. During hot days, the weather is going to make our hair become oily which causes our bad feeling. Therefore, many women tend to get their haircut shorter before the summer season starts.

10 inch is not the only hair length for hair extensions. There are many other lengths for a hairstyle that you can find in the market today. In Apostore, we provide hair extensions with the length varying from 6 inch to 32 inch. Long hair, medium hair or short hair, all are up to you.

What are the origin or 10 inch hair extensions?

Nowadays, together with the development of modern technology, we have more options to choose different types of hair extensions. However, not all types of them are made of human hair.

When the demand for using hair extensions increases, many hair suppliers begin to enhance their production. Almost hair extensions are from 2 main origins which are human hair and synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair

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Never think that synthetic hair is not beautiful. Thanks to the skillful hands of many workers, we get many synthetic hair extensions that are not only pretty but also various in textures, colors and lengths. However, the disadvantage is that once you get some specific product of synthetic hair, it’s hard for you to style it in other textures or dye it in another color. Synthetic fibers are going to melt at high temperatures, which is a bad thing.

Human hair

Realizing the inconvenience when using synthetic hair extensions, many people decide to find their new hairstyle with the installation of human hair. It is considered that human hair extensions bring much more satisfaction to users.

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10 inch human hair extensions play an important role in meeting almost all the demands of customers for styling or dying hair. You choose 10 inch human black hair and after a period of time, you become fed up with simple black hair. No problem, you can absolutely dye it in another lighter shade which makes you more and more outstanding. Similarly, you are going to get another texture of 10 inch hair instead of the old straight one as natural human hair extensions to allow you to do this easily.

What are the styles of 10 inches hair extensions?

In the collection of many different hair suppliers, you can find out that there are thousands of items of 10 inch hair extensions, which are mainly made in:

10 inch bulk hair

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Bulk hair is the most traditional type of hair extensions in the market. You can use 10 inches of bulk hair to directly add length and volume to your natural hair. Also, bulk hair can also be used to make other types of hair extensions such as weft hair, clip in hair, etc.

10 inch weave hair extensions

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10 inch weave hair extensions are now no longer items with customers. Weave is also called weft hair or sew-in hair extension. It refers to a method in which the hair is weft by hands or machine into one long line. The product attracts a lot of customer’s attention.  Using weave hair, you don’t need to worry that your hair extensions may be obvious to others. The benefit this hairstyle brings us does not stop at its role for adding length and volume to our hair. It is also one of the sturdiest hairstyles you can believe in.

10 inch clip in hair extensions

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10 inch clip in hair extensions is also perfect. Do you love getting a medium hair length in a short period of time? We can make sure that 10 inch clip in hair extensions will be the best option. This hairstyle promises to help you achieve new hair even when you are in a hurry. Actually, the application of the best clip in hair extension just takes about 5 minutes.

10 inch tape hair extensions

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How about 10 inch tape hair extensions? Just like 10 inch clip in hair extensions, 10 inch tape hair is going to make you surprise with its great installation. All you need to do with this method are just taking the tape hair and then attaching it to your natural hair. The advantage of tape hair is that it is reusable and flexible. If you get bored, you can take it out and of course, you can put it in any time you like.

10 inch keratin hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions are different ways to express four typical kinds of tip hair. They are flat tip, U tip, V tip and I tip hair extensions. The difference among those keratin extensions lies in the shape of the tip. Each type has its own shape which is like U, I, V or flat.

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What are the main textures of 10 inches hair extensions?

Just like other methods of hair extensions, 10 inches hair extensions also consist of three main textures which are straight, wavy and curly hair.

10 inch straight hair

When 10 inch hair extension is designed in straight texture, we call it 10 inch straight hair. In general, straight hair is a simple texture for many hair types. Basically, there are three textures of straight hair: natural straight hair, kinky straight and yaki straight hair.

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10 inch wavy hair

10 inches of hair can also be made in wavy hair. Apostore believes that many of you would choose to change your hairstyle with wavy hair instead of straight hair. 10 inch in length will be the best choice for any girls who want to own a glamorous and shining hair. You can see it very clearly with many Hollywood celebrities who always look luxurious with their wavy hairstyle. Some basic textures for 10 inches wavy hair extension are deep wavy, natural wavy, body wavy and fumi wavy hairstyle.

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10 inch curly hair

Curly hair is no longer strange to you, right? 10 inch curly hair is going to provide different look with its different textures such as loose curly hair, deep curly hair, kinky curly or romantic curly.

Often, after being taken to the factory, the hair will be styled to make the types of hair extensions and hair textures that customers need. Basically, we don’t have to process natural straight hair as our hair is natural straight. That’s why we only need to make curly and wavy hair. Two main methods we use to make curly and wavy hair are hot steam method and curling wands.

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What are different standards of 10 inches hair extensions?

Some people might misunderstand that 10 inch of hair is not a kind of long hair and for that reason, it does not get any standard. In fact, 10 inch hair extension is just like any hair length. According to Apostore’s classification, 10 inch hair is divided into 4 different hair grades/standards which are single drawn quality type 1, single drawn quality type 2, double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type 2.

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The difference among four hair grades is the thickness at the end of each hair bundle. Single drawn quality type 1 is the standard which owns the thinnest end of a bundle. You can easily get 10 inch hair of this standard at a quite low price. However, it is important for you to know that it will be the collection of both long and short strands in the same bundle. In contrast with single drawn quality type 1, double drawn quality type 2 is the most perfect hair that possesses all the same-length strands in the same bundle. Besides, you can also choose single drawn quality type 2 or double drawn quality type 1. Whatever hair standard it is, 10 inch hair will never let you with its natural status and high quality.

What are the colors of 10 inch hair extensions?

It may cross your mind that hair extensions are not really good options as they have some limitations of colors. Some people consider those hair extensions are often in black color. That’s why for sure, they usually go to a hair salon for new hair dye. However, with the development of modern technology, our skillful workers now can produce 10 inch hair extensions in various hair colors. The variety does not just stop at dark brown, light brown or blonde hair. You can also realize there are more and more special shades available for 10 inch hair. What are they?

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When our girls want to change their appearance as well as their hairstyle in the most dynamic way, even blonde hair is never enough. At those times, they are going to try on new hues such as navy blonde hair extensions, lavender hair extensions, ombre hair extensions, red hair extensions, pink hair extensions and many others.

Tips to care and maintain 10 inch hair extensions

Although it is hair extensions, please keep in mind that before you try to style the hair, it’s important for you to take care of it properly. Especially, when you are using human hair extensions, it is important for you to look after those hair extensions to maintain their natural structure. Below, we are giving some tips to care for your 10 inch hair extensions. We hope that you find them useful and if possible, add them to your regular hair care routine for your healthiest 10 inch hair extensions.

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Use a smaller amount of hair products

Often, short strands of your 10 inch of hair still need leave-in hair care products (for example hair cream or hair serum). However, don’t forget that this 10 inch hair will require fewer products than your previous longer locks. Many people don’t know that using too much product can weight down your 10 inch hair and make it look greasy. For that result, instead of using too many hair products, try to take a smaller amount and only apply it through your lengths and ends.

Wash hair extensions as often as you need to

It may easy to believe that short hair extensions can have a tendency to get oiler at a quicker rate than longer hair. After all, you will realize that oil does come from the roots, which are much closer to the ends of the hair when the extensions are short. For that fact, it’s important for you to shampoo your hair in the most suitable way that helps keep your hair extensions as well as your natural hair in the best conditions. However, we never highly recommend that you should wash your hair too regular and this is not good for your hair.

Use a deep conditioning treatment

Using deep conditioner is no longer a strange method for hair extensions. Some of you may make a mistake when you think that 10 inch hair is a quite short hairstyle and therefore, you don’t need to take care of it too much. Using deep conditioner, at this time, can have a positive effect on your hair. Leave the deep conditioner on your hair for just about 1 minute, then rinse it out completely are all that you need to do.

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Book follow-up haircuts

It is necessary for you to book follow-up haircuts if you really want to stay on the top of frequent haircuts. Even when your life is getting so busy, remember to book your appointments further in advance and lock them into your planner before you are otherwise obligated.

Refresh the hair with dry shampoo

After many days, your hair extensions will get some signals of becoming oilier. How to deal with this problem? In this situation, we highly suggest that you should refresh the hair with a dry shampoo. Here, simply spritz it onto the hair extensions and then brush through. The formula of dry shampoo will instantly absorb excess oil and give your strands a boost.

Air dry often

Not only your 10 inch hair extensions, all hair types and length can also get benefits from air-drying due to the fact that too much heat styling tool or hairdryer can contribute to hair damage. We advise you to limit the frequency of using hair dryer as it is never good for your hair. If possible, try to let the hair extensions dry naturally. This is also a good way for you to protect your 10 inch hair extensions.

10 inch hair extensions from Apostore

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10 inch hair extensions from Apostore owns all the outstanding features of 10 inch hair extensions. We use 100% Vietnamese human remy hair to make our hair products so you don’t need to worry about the hair quality. Also, we have three main textures of hair for 10 inch hair extensions. They are straight, wavy and curly hair. Hair standards and hair colors are also various and available. If you are looking for a reliable hair supplier, just choose us. It’s time you dressed beautifully with new hairstyles. Choose Apostore’s 10 inch hair extensions to shine your way and we always support you. 

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