Curly glue in weave hairstyles & Benefits of quick weave method

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Women believe that sew-in is the most popular method of applying weave hair extensions to our natural hair. However, for those who are in a hurry, the sewing method doesn’t seem to be an optimal solution. In these situations, curly glue in weave would be the best partner for you to pursue your desired hairstyle. Let’ s be with APO hair and find out more about this kind of hair extension.

What is curly glue in weave?

curly glue in weave

Besides the sewing method, glue in weave is also a good way you can use to install weave hair. When people choose glue in to apply curly weave to their natural locks, we call it curly glue in weave hairstyle. When all bundles of wefts make full-head weave style, that style is a quick weave. A quick weave describes a full head weaving technique in which tracks are glued to a weave or skull cap. Because the entire style is installed on a foundation, you can easily apply as well as remove the weave from the head. Basically, it is a custom-made wig.

Good quality hair extensions that make up a quick weave hairstyle will allow you to create any look with any type of hair. You can decide to try long, short or medium hair length, curly, wavy or straight texture, all one color or ombre, highlights.

In fact, you can choose to install the weave in some specific parts of your head, meaning that there are just some places you want to add length, volume to your hair. In those cases, you can choose to directly glue in your curly weave and we don’t call this way quick weave. The quick weave is only made when hair extensions are glued on your full-head.

Benefits of a quick weave

glue in curly weave

You might know some of them but now we are going to provide you with the most noticeable benefits that you can get when using quick weave method to glue in your curly weave.

Unlike the sew-in method that can take about 3 to 4 hours to complete, you can use quick weave method for our curly glue in weave in a shorter time. This method is fast and easy to style.

Glue in curly weave is a zero to low maintenance hairstyle. However, it is certainly better if you can form a good hair care routine for your curly glue in weave.

quick weave

Quick weave gives your hair a break from styling. We know that there are sometimes when you want to change your hairstyle but still hesitate to give your hair a try. When the result of using styling tools cannot reach your expectation, it’s a pity. Having a quick weave hairstyle, as long as it is good-quality hair extensions, you can comfortably style, dye it the way you want. Because the quick weave uses glue as the key installing method, you can easily remove the hair anytime you like.

curly hair extensions

APO hair’s weave hair extensions

Weave hair extension is a very basic hair product that a large number of women usually choose. In comparison with other types of hair, it is at a quite low price. Especially, you can find in our APO’s weave collection. We always try to supply our products at the most reasonable prices. With our best quality hair extensions made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair, we believe that you are not choosing the wrong address.

What do you need to prepare for curly glue in weave’s application

applying curly glue in weave

Below are what you need to prepare for the installation of quick weave

– Weave hair extensions (you can choose human hair or synthetic hair).

– Hair glue (if possible, try to choose good quality glue so that the applying process can bring the best result)

– Protective wig cap: for a quick weave hairstyle, don’t forget to purchase a protective wig cap (either the color of your natural hair or hair wefts)

– Scissors

– Molding gel

– Blow-dryer

The applying process

Don’t misunderstand that only skillful and professional hairstylist can do this. Just with your steady hands and patience, anyone can learn and apply a quick weave. Remember to make your hair clean and dry before placing the cap on it.

The best way is to let your hair dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, look for the support of a hairdryer, but just in low or medium temperatures. Never put the cap on wet on damp hair as this might cause mold to develop on your scalp.

In case you’ve decided to wear quick weave for a few weeks, take proper precautions with retaining moisture in your hair. Should a deep condition and protein treatment be overdue, take care of it before you install your quick weave.

curly hairstyle

In general, quick weave lasts between 4-5 weeks. To reduce hair tangling or matting during the time of use, you can cover hair wefts at night using a silk scarf or satin bonnet. Because this is a curly hairstyle, you should also add rollers or pin the hair while you sleep. This can help preserve the curl.

Hair extensions are just like our hair. They need to be cared carefully so that they will always be in the best status. You can use shampoo and conditioner to wash and condition your hair. However, be careful when using oil-based products as oil tends to loosen the glue and cause tracks to slip out.

Besides curly glue in weave, there are many other types of hair products that are ready for you to order. Visit our website at the address to pick your favorite items and find a new you with our hair extensions.

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