Clip in weft hair extensions – Everything you need to know

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There is no doubt that hair extensions have become an indispensable item in the girls’ closet. When surfing hair extensions on the Internet for the first time, you may have heard the term “clip in weft” at least once. So what exactly does clip in weft hair extension mean? Let’s find out the answer right in this article.

Clip-in weft hair extensions: Human hair and Synthetic hair

Before digging deep into clip-in weft hair extensions, the very first thing you need to know about hair extensions is that they come in real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Let’s get to know the difference between them.

As exactly what they sound, Human hair extensions are made out of real, human hair from top to bottom, collected from a donor. Besides, Remy hair is used in our extensions. The term “Remy” is known as “Cuticle correct” which means that only the untreated and not previously colored hair is used. This ensures that the cuticle on each hair is running the same way in order to keep the hair shiny, soft and truly tangle-free. Real hair looks and feels real, (of course!) and therefore blends more naturally with your hair. 

Otherwise, Synthetic hair is made out of various synthetic, blended fibres, and contains no human hair. These fibres are usually very fine, plastic fibres that are manufactured to imitate real human hair. The quality of synthetic fibres can vary, but they are generally stiff and move differently from human hair; hence, they don’t blend as well with your natural hair. They sometimes have a wiry or coarse feel to the touch.

What is clip in weft hair extension?

what is clip in weft hair extensions?

Actually, clip-in weft is also known as clip-in hair extensions. It can be said that clip-in hair is quite easy method of extending hair when compared with any other types of hair extensions. Clip-in hair is used to attach to your own hair by small snap-on clips. This beauty method will help your hair longer and thicker. All clip-in hair extensions come in one or multiple pieces of varying widths. Because it can be clipped-in or clip-out in 5 minutes and is literally undetectable, you can do it at home without any help from your own hairstylist.

Can you sleep with Clip-in weft hair extensions?

No, you cannot and should not sleep with clip-in weft hair extensions. Short-term wefts are not designed for such uses. While they are completely safe and harmless to wear throughout the day and will not damage your locks, the same cannot be said for wearing them in bed.

There is really no reason why you should wear clip-in extensions during your sleep time. If you want your real tresses to be healthy and strong, always remove the clips before you go to bed.

When wearing clip-in extensions properly and re-attaching them each day, there will be absolutely no damage to your tresses or the wefts.

How long they can last?

Since you don’t sleep with clips attached, and don’t wear them constantly, clip-ins last more any other type of extensions. It is a guarantee that clip-in weft hair extension can last anywhere from 3 – 6 months as long as you have proper care and regular wear and can be up to a year and sometimes even longer.

Apply and remove

Also, we will provide you the way to put clip in weft hair on your hair and guide you how to remove your clip in weft extension.

Apply clip in weft hair extensions

Apply clip in weft hair extensions

You can use the weaving method in several ways. And of course, you can ask the hairdresser for help. Remember to wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo before starting attaching your extensions.

This will make sure that old product residue and grease from the scalp have disappeared. Do not use conditioner or other styling products. Allow the hair to dry. It should be completely dry at the time of attachment.

Step 1: Use the hair in this section to create a tightly braided braid.

Step 2: Begin at one edge and braid to the middle. Finish the braid with a small sheer rubber band and then braid the hair from the other side.

Step 3: Measure and cut the hair weft so that the piece fits the length of the entire part you created. Attach the ends of the weft using a needle and thread to prevent the hair from dropping from the weft.

Step 4: Then thread a bent needle and gently sew the hairline on the entire length of the braid.

Step 5: Thoroughly secure the ends of the weft.

Step 6: Repeat for the desired results and number of pieces. 

Remove your clip in weft hair extension

Remove your clip in

Step 1: Use a small pair of scissors to carefully cut the threads attached to your hair.

Step 2: Repeat for each section.

Step 3: Then remove the rubber bands that hold together the braids and brush through.

APOHair’s clip-in weft hair extensions

At APOHair, 100% Vietnamese human hair is used in producing clip in deep wavy black. Vietnamese hair is famous for its strong and natural features, which helps to keep the natural status of the hair extensions. Especially, there is no chemical or synthetic hair containing in any of our hair products.

clip in weft hair extensions by APOHAIR

We provide a lot of textures for our clip-in human hair extensions from wavy to curly, and straight. The hair colors are also various. Depending on your own need, you can choose color #1, #1A or #1B. Each color has a very different characteristic, giving you a different hairstyle.

As one of the leading hair dealers in Vietnam, APO Hair offers you an excellent price-performance ratio! Our products meet the highest quality requirements, which are constantly monitored.

In our online store, we offer numerous types of hair extensions which consist of 100% Vietnamese Remy human hair. These include tape-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions as well as lace fontal-closure, lace wigs and weave hair extensions. Click HERE to see the details description of each product.

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