Blue hair extensions: the on-trend hairstyle in modern life

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This year, 2020, it’s all about the blues. Not just shoes, clothes, women now tend to choose blue as the priority for their hair color. It’s easy to understand this love as any combination with blue shade will work and bring the best look. However, if you are searching a little blue inspiration, check out these charming blue hair hairstyles ideas. One of them might be the one you are looking for to style your blue hair extensions this summer.

When did blue hair extensions become so popular?

Yes, it was not until these recent years that blue hair extensions became really popular, especially with the young. The outstanding shade of blue color makes the ones who are in blue tone look more dynamic and different. And although blue hair seems to be more suitable for the young, it can be applied for people of all ages. Vibrant and bright, this stunning shade will definitely bring a whole new meaning to “feeling blue”.

blue hair extensions

Black, dark brown, light brown or even blonde hair extensions have been too familiar types of hair extensions for women around the world. That’s why today we choose to tell you more about blue hair extensions.

Blue natural human hair extensions

Blue hair extension is just like any other type of hair extensions. It can be created in weave, clip in, tape in or keratin hair extensions. The one that makes this kind of hair more and more outstanding is its shade. What’s more, blue natural human hair extensions can instantly give you longer, thicker locks or even a completely new hairstyle. You can use blue hair extension to blend in with our dyed hair or also highlight colors. Just have a look at these blue hairstyles to see if there is something good for you.

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The most incredible styles for blue hair

Deep blue bob

deep blue bob

If you suddenly realize that you have forgotten a bold blue bob and still haven’t made it onto your hair bucket list yet, add it immediately. An angular, chin-length cut tinged with blue will by all means a perfect look for a trend-setting fashionista. The styling tip we suggest here is curling the strands of your bob mid-shaft to ends with a curling iron and then loosening the curls with your fingers for a messy-but-fabulous hairstyle.

Teal tresses

blue hair

For a new appearance with this hairstyle, you need to try a deep teal balayage and channel your inner mermaid. Many people ask us “What is the best part of this look”. Our answer surrounds its low-maintenance and also it requires little to no touching up.

Ocean-colored ombre

blue hair

These days, the ombre look continues to reinvent itself, creating an attractive look for a lot of people. Now, when it is taken on a beautiful blue shade, your hair will certainly be more and more gorgeous. This vivid pastel blue ombre should be the ultimate “cool girl” looks, making our girls more beautiful than ever.

Fairy chic

If you are on the way to find the perfect shade for your blue hair extensions, trying indigo-blue with purple undertones can also be a good idea. This rich color will work well with brown or raven hair, making the dramatic color transition a bit easier.

fair chic blue hair

Blue vixen

blue vixen

If you have ever heard about the vixen hairstyle then you would know how great this style is. Your blue hair extension is meant to shine. You need to make sure that you are picking the right hair extensions – we mean color with a glossy finish. The illuminating effect can make deep blue hairstyles look really high-end and extremely luxurious.

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Sleek blue sea

sleek blue sea

If you have applied blue hair extension and then you get straight & sleek hair, you must definitely have an attractive look. Blue hair color is here to make you more and more outstanding.

Dark blue balayage

blue hair

Dark brown hair would never be boring if you know how to throw in it some midnight blue hues. These hues should be at the bottom to liven up your lock and show people how daring you really are. Don’t wait for too long, look for reliable hair suppliers and choose your favorite blue hair extensions.

Blue black hair dye

blue black hair

You are having black hair and someday you realize that you are no longer fond of it. However, it’s difficult for you to make a decision about whether you should dye your hair new color or not. If you haven’t been ready for this, pick up hair extension as a safe solution. Here, in the series of blue color hair, we would want to express that blue-black hair dye is wonderful. You don’t have to dye your natural hair. The blend of blue hair extensions and your natural black hair will give you a surprising look. Believe us!

Can all the hairstyles from blue hair extensions above become your hair inspiration? The answer depends on you. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website by clicking HERE for the most useful tips on hair care and hair extensions. We are ready to reply to all your comments and questions about our hair and all relating problems.

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