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There is a truth that many people do not want to let others realize that they are wearing hair extensions. However, it is not easy to make sure that you can control this issue. Sometimes, unexpected things come and suddenly, your hair extensions fall out of your head. Just imagine, omg, what an awful thing! In this blog, we are going to help you answer the question “Will my hair be obvious to others?”

What are the pros and cons of hair extensions?

  • Pros

It cannot be denied that in modern life, hair extensions play an important role in the process of changing hairstyles and appearance. Hair extension brings a different look with the improvement of hair thickness and hair length.

As the speed of life becomes faster, more and more people are finding hair extensions. Hair extension is the partner of many celebrities in the red carpet. It is the best choice of our brides-to-be on their wedding day. Normally, just when you are about to go out, put in hair extensions and you will be so cool in a different style.

Instead of going to a hair salon and wait for many hours, pick up a hair extension. Admit it, girls, hair extensions are the easiest, fastest and safest way to get long, thick hair just in a matter of minutes. For example, when using clip in hair extensions, all the things you need to do are just to take the wefts and easily clip them into your hair all by yourself without any conditional costs, time, or professional help.

Weft hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions are the methods that are perfect solutions for those who are waiting for thicker hair and longer hair instantly, without the hassle, long-term commitment or breaking the bank.

If your selection is long-term hair extensions, try on tip hair (including I tip, V tip, U tip and flat tip) hair extensions. And if you would like to cover some part, or, even your full-head, find lace-closure, lace frontal and lace wigs hairstyle.

  • Cons

Though hair extension owns lots of benefits, it still has some limitations.

For short-term hair extensions, using hair extensions is a temporary method. That’s the reason why it will be difficult if you want to maintain it for a long time.

One more limitation of hair extension is that it is not absolute. Some temporary methods (clip in hair, tape hair) can easily fall out of your head if the application is not tight enough.

This is not a happy thing, especially when you are in an important event. In addition, when you do not concentrate on the process of using, hair extensions can easily be obvious to others. At that moment, someway, you may feel ashamed and immediately, you lose your confidence.

What should I do to prevent my hair extensions from being seen?

Generally, if you clip in hair extensions in a proper way, those methods are virtually undetectable. The base of each weft is thin and flat, and all weft comes with sturdy clip with a silicone grip to keep each weft in its right place. In this circumstance, the wefts are clipped in between layers of your own natural hair which makes it easier to blend naturally and seamlessly.

In contrast, if you do not pay much attention to the application, then the hair extensions can be too loose and, therefore, it does not lie in the right place and others can realize that your hair extensions have been leaked out. Worse, the hair extensions can fall out.

Sometimes, it is a quite difficult task for you to fully hide the clips of your hair extensions due to the fact that your own hair is too thin. The clips may poke through your hair. This results in the uncertainty of the clip in hair because of the fine texture of your hair. Besides, you may find that the extensions simply feel too heavy in your thin hair. Below, we are going to share some tips that are useful for success in blending your hair extensions in the most natural and seamless way.

  • Choose the right hair extensions

The most important thing in this tip is that you should choose a suitable hair extension that matches your own hair. Especially, this should be human hair extensions, which promise to bring you a natural and strong hair.

  • Create a solid base for the wefts

This step helps secure the place in your thin hair and also prevents tugging. The simplest way to create this base is to apply a small bit of hairspray to the root of the section to which the weft will be clipped on.

  • Find safe zone and position your wefts

The safe zone is defined as the area on your head where clips will not be seen. In addition to finding the safe zone, you should look for a suitable place which will work best for the application of the wefts.

  • Style your hair extensions with curls or waves

Straight hair is simple and attractive. However, here wavy or curly hairstyles can make your hair look more natural and also help hide hair extensions. In this process, wrap your natural hair and the extensions together around a curling iron to ensure that they flow into one another.

The answer is that hair extensions can sometimes be obvious to others. However, what is important here is that when you pay more attention to the application of hair extensions, then all the problems are resolved.

If you are too confused to look for a hair supplier for a new hairstyle, come and comfortably selection any items in Apohair' collection. We are always here to support you. Apohair hopes that you will be always confident in your using hair extensions to find a new beauty.