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It is obvious that applying hair extensions to shorter hair is much more difficult than to longer locks. However, this does not mean we cannot bring a new look to short hair in this way. In the application of hair extensions on short hair, people focus more on the level of success than the confirmation of whether we can apply or not. In other words, we are going to find out the answer to the question: “Will hair extensions blend if I have short hair?”

Why do you want to wear hair extensions?

Generally, one of the key purposes of producing hair extensions is to enhance our look by adding volume and length to our own hair. That explains why many people choose hair extensions as their close partner in daily life. Hair extensions make short hair longer and thin hair thicker. It provides a new style for your hair without needing to go to a hair salon and wait for long hours to have your hair made.

Hair extensions can also be an effective solution when you regret having your hair cut too short. One day, you miss your old long hair and you want to find it immediately. Two months, a haft of year, one year or more, in fact, you do not need to spend such a long time waiting for your hair to grow. With hair extensions, change in hairstyle is just in minutes.

The importance of blending hair extensions with natural hair

The process of blending hair extensions to your own hair is extremely important because it is the key factor determining whether we can get a gorgeous hairstyle when applying hair extensions. Here, users need to focus much on the balance of both thickness and length because of the fact that we can realize the difference in terms of length and thickness between hair extensions and your own hair. Due to this problem, we need to make efforts to get a natural look for our new hairstyle.

What to consider when using hair extensions for short hair?

  • Length of hair

However short your hair is, it needs to be at least 4 inches. Why should it be? For example, when we use clip in hair, extensions are usually attached to your own hair using clip which is often thicker than the extensions. At this time, if your hair is less than 4 inches in length, the clips will easily be seen from short hair. That means hair extensions will be obvious to others. In some cases, this may make you shy and clearly, it is not an interesting experience.

Now, you come to the conclusion that your hair needs to be more than 4 inches so that it can perfectly cover the clips. In contrast, you will find it hard to blend hair extensions to your own hair.

The maximum length for the hair extensions is 20 inches if your own hair is too short. When hair extensions exceed the level of 20 inches, it is not a good thing. The bigger the difference in length between the natural hair and hair extensions is, the harder it will be for you to blend them together.

  • Hair color

It will be the best if the color of your favorite hair extensions can perfectly blend with your natural short hair. When the hair extension’s color matches your own hair’s color, extensions will not be obvious to others.

What should we do if the color or your hair is in two different tones? Here, the best solution is to use a simple trick that involves mixing and matching hair extensions with your natural hair.

Tips to blending hair extensions

Below we are going to provide 6 tips that may be useful for you in your wearing hair extensions. This will help you both get long beautiful and thick hair and keep the natural look.

Tip 1: Choose short hair extensions

Clip in straight light brown extensions of Apohair

With short hair, short hair extensions will definitely the best choice. Our advice for you is that you should find and apply hair extensions with the length varying from 16 inches to 18 inches.  This is the ideal length for hair extensions to be worn in your natural hair.

Tip 2: Use thick hair extensions

Thin hair extensions are not recommended for this situation because the blending process may get some trouble if your hair happens not to thin out. Thicker hair extensions are the best when you have a blunt haircut.

Tip 3: Choose the best quality hair extensions

Clip in curly blonde extensions of Apohair

When it comes to types of hair, there are two basic types: human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. You can choose any but the best choice is human hair extensions. Human hair extensions may be a bit more expensive but in fact, it is better for the application of hair extensions. You can have more options to change your hairstyle with human hair extensions such as styling or dyeing hair extensions.

For a reliable human hair supplier, look for Apohai! We provide customers all over the world with a lot of types of human hair extensions which are always available in many textures, colors and lengths.

Tip 4: Clean your hair

It is important for users to wash your own hair to ensure that it is in the best condition before being applied to hair extensions. Don’t forget to make conditioning to your hair to keep it in the suitable moisture.

Tip 5: Straightening hair

Straightening or curling hair is two effective ways for you to blend hair extensions’ texture with your own hair’s texture. Flat and curling iron are two supportive accessories in this process.

Tip 6: Trimming hair

Trimming is considered to be one of the quickest and impressive ways to style the hair extensions. If hair extensions tend to be blunt or not natural, you can try on trimming the ends of it. Please note that you should hold the scissors vertically to the ends of the hair extensions in the cutting process.

Here, can you be relaxed, right? In fact, the problem of whether hair extensions can blend your own hair or not depends on many factors. Understanding these important factors will let you be more confident and be yourself in a new look of a different hairstyle.