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Wedding is one of the most memorable things in life. There’s no doubt about the fact that it is the occasion when women are going to be in their most beautiful appearance. Many girls go to a salon and have their hair styled in a different way. However, this seems to be quite time-consuming. In fact, just with a partner called hair extension, changing hairstyle with our pretty brides is now no longer a matter. How about trying on clip in hair extensions for this special time?

Something about clip in hair extensions

It seems to be quite easy to realize clip hair extensions among lots of types of hair. As its own name, clip in hair extensions is the hairstyle in which hair is attached with clips at its top. In terms of benefits, clip in hair extensions helps give a new look with a longer, fuller and more different hairstyle.

Why should brides-to-be consider getting clip in hair extensions for their wedding hairstyle?

Clip in hair is an easy method of adding length and volume for your hair. All the things you need to do are just get the clip in hair and then put in on your own hair. The application of clip in hair takes about two or three minutes and therefore, you can save much time with these extensions.

It cannot be denied that clip in hair extension helps form a new hairstyle faster than a long engagement for the sake of growing out your hair. People usually say that adding hair extensions is a shortcut to red-carpet hair without the wait. This is a really meaningful thing to our brides.

Clip in hair is going to be so convenient on your special day. You can apply clip in hair for length, for thickness or even for a new texture or color. Then, if you would like, remove them and return to your old style.

Chances are, hair is a huge source of confidence for many women. As a result, there is no reason to refuse to hair extensions. Wearing hair extensions for a day when you want to be the most beautiful is the best.  

What should brides-to-be find when choosing wedding hair extensions?

Although it can be any type of hair extensions you are going to choose, it will be the most precious to invest in real hair, especially remy hair extensions. Remy hair extensions refer to the hair in which the cuticle of the hair is facing all the same direction. However, in a golden time like wedding, we highly recommend that you should select hair extensions with the supervisor of a professional to make sure that the desired result is achieved in terms of length, color, style or texture, etc.

Especially, if you would like to apply a wavy or curly hair by heat styling method, it is important to determine the importance of human hair extensions. In this circumstance, all the hair extensions should be human remy hair extensions. For human hair extensions, you take it easy in the changing process. In contrast, synthetic hair is never recommended because this hair will immediately melt with the heat of a curling iron.

Which direction can you follow to find a reliable supplier of clip-in hair extensions?

Nowadays, along with the rapid development of society, there are more and more hair companies established. However, it does not mean that you can easily find a prestigious human hair supplier if you are a newcomer in this aspect.

Over 8 years of formation, Apohair is so proud to become one of the leading hair companies in Vietnam in terms of exporting hair to the international market. Our mission are to provide customers the best quality hair extensions and helps the consumer with all the issues related to our products.

Here, we will help you explore more about the best thing in our clip in hair extensions. What makes “the best thing?”

All the clip in hair extensions is made of 100% Vietnamese human hair which is unprocessed. The hair is both strong and natural. We ensure that there is no chemical and synthetic hair mixed in our hair products.

Clip in hair is made in lots of different textures, colors and lengths, which provides you a variety of choices.

In terms of textures, our brides-to-be can choose any among straight hair, wavy hair or curly hairstyle. All textures are attractive and therefore, they will give you a different definition of a beautiful hairstyle.

The same thing is mentioned in color. Hair color is really an important factor that decides the different in your hairstyle. Black, dark brown, light brown and blonde are the most typical colors for a new application of hair extensions.

Our brides-to-be, are you ready for a new chapter in your life? Let’s get started with a really impressive appearance on your wedding day. Remember that, nothing is difficult when Apohair is always here to support you. Not just clip in hair extensions, any type of hair extensions is available to be your partner in the day considered to be the most meaningful day in your life.