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With a very meaning and realistic mission “Helping children look themselves and live their lives”, Wigs for Kids donation is becoming one of the leading organizations which receive much love, support and high appreciation from the public. Through this post, let’s be with us to find out some interesting things about this special organization.

Why was "wigs for kids donation" established?

Not just due to physical suffering, there are many causes of hair loss in children. Sadly, hair loss will lead to the change in the children’s appearance and this can considerably undermine their self-image. Understanding that, Certified Cosmetic Therapist Jeffrey Paul founded Wigs for Kids. Nearly 40 years passes, Wigs for Kids donation still successfully works as a non-profit hair donation organization that helps serving children suffering from hair loss.

How can you donate your hair to wigs for kids donation?

You should find and follow some specific guidelines if you want to donate hair to wigs for kid donation. By doing that, you can make sure if Wigs for Kid donation will accept and use the hair you donate or not. To donate the hair, you also need to ensure that your hair should be a minimum of 12 inches. Before donating, remember to clean and dry the hair. Do not let the hair be color-treated or permed.

Can you donate dyed or highlight for wigs for kids donation?

The notice is that Wigs for Kids donation cannot accept the hair that has been processed with chemicals or highlighted. However, in some circumstances, highlight that washes out can be acceptable. The reason is that when the hair has been mixed with chemicals, it cannot withstand the chemical processing to sanitize the hair. If your hair has been color, try to wait until the coloring has completely grown out and natural hair grown back. At that time, your hair will be accepted.

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Where can you get your hair cut for Wigs for Kids?

You may think that it will be complicated but in fact, it is not. In Wigs for Kids donation, they don’t require a certified specialist to cut ponytail for your donating hair. Therefore, you can completely choose and go to any hair salon that your trust in to have your hair cut. Especially, if you want to find a free or discount haircut, don’t hesitate to call the salon in advance and tell them to know if they are willing to donate their time to cut your hair when you are having a burning desire to donate your hair for children

Can you choose a specific recipient for your donating hair?

In fact, this is not supported and therefore, wigs for kids donation would not accept this. Also, you cannot see a picture or hear from the child who receives your hair. This is understandable due to privacy concerns for the recipients. However, you can completely find out some stories of the children who have been helped on some social media, for example, Facebook

How can a wig be applied?

There are many requirements that the recipient child needs to meet if he/she wants to receive hair from Wigs for Kids donation. Three basic criteria are:

  • The child must be 18 years of age or younger
  • The child is suffering from hair loss as the consequence of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns or any other medical reasons
  • The child has to be referred by a medical professional who signs and then submits medical proof as a prescription for the child who is in need of a hairpiece from wigs for kids donation.

Wigs for kids donation was such a meaningful organization that helps children overcome their worry about hair loss. Apostore hopes that there will be more children who can receive the best wigs from donations. With the most suitable wig, the children will be more confident to be themselves, to live happily every day.

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