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As we age and become older, our looks and lifestyles will, of course, change—and that also means our hairstyles likely will too. So in the next part of the article, here are some stylish, high quality wigs you can wear with complete confidence at any age.

Stunning wigs for older women

Bravo by Raquel Welch Wigs

It’s no doubt that you can’t go wrong with this classy human hair wig! Bravo is known for its simple beauty and will flatter almost any facial shape or skin tone. It’s perfect for both personal and professional situations for women of any age. Glazed Mocha is particularly striking with its perfect combination of brown and blonde highlights. We love this wig styled straight, but since it’s made of human hair, feel free to experiment to see what suits you most.

Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch Wigs

True to its name, Crowd Pleaser will impress your friends, family, and colleagues alike. If you’re looking for a wig that’s chic, but still want to avoid anything too trendy, this one’s for you! Crowd Pleaser really offers long layers, light waves, and beautiful side swept bangs for us. Though this wig is made of synthetic hair, it’s also heat-friendly, so you can style such as straighten or curl Crowd Pleaser, if you prefer.

Angie Long Human Hair Wig by Jon Renau

No matter how old you are, how young or old you look, it can be difficult to find a high quality, longer length wig that’s age-appropriate. Angie is the perfect option! This pre-permed Remy human hair wig has long, wavy locks that are artfully layered to flatter most facial face shapes. And because it looks so natural, you’ll have everyone thinking it’s not a wig. I personally love the Caramel Ribbon shade—depending on how the light is, you may look like a redhead, a brunette, or a strawberry blonde.

Ignite Bob Wig by Jon Renau

Have you been searching for a chic, reasonable price wig that combines the unique, modern look of actress Robin Wright in House of Cards with actress Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail? Ignite is one for you! This soft, sleek bob wig will make you turn your head with its angled layers and side swept bangs. And just like Crowd Pleaser, this synthetic lace front wig is also heat friendly, so you can re-style your Ignite as much as you like (up to 350 degrees).

Wigs for black women

Hadiiya Barbel Collections

When you’re wearing a Hadiiya Barbel creation, you may not realize that you’re wearing a wig, exactly you’re wearing a couture “crown.” Each piece of it is lovely made to showcase the true beauty of its proud wearer. “There used to be a stigma about wearing wigs and that’s the reason why it’s important to create hair that makes a statement. You always want it to embolden the woman with confidence and style,” said creator Hadiya Barbel. The high-end designer styles don’t come cheap and most pieces will cost you a cool grand and up.

Follow and book an appointment at their New York City showroom.

Hair by Susy Ever

You are wondering how naturalists, such as Solange, switch up their hair on the fly? One minute it’s tight and right, and the next it becomes fluffy and loose. Well, Susan Oludele is one of the most extraordinaire hairstylists behind Solo’s fresh styles. She is known for her weave extensions and wigs and started her business out of her bedroom in the Bronx at age 17. Now she has a company based in Brooklyn and specializing in crochet hair, weave extensions, braiding hair as well as extensions for males. Fans flip over her attractive Zuzu crochet wigs that allow them to celebrate the goddess within.


If you’re on a budget and looking for a wig with a reasonable price, Fingercomber is a great option for you. Launched in 2012 by African Diasporans with natural hair, the line provides the global natural hair community by offering them realistic-looking and textured styles made of sustainable man-made fibers at affordable prices.


Many people have flocked to Indique for their unparalleled selection of Indian and South East Asian Remy hair. The reason is that the high quality, chemically-free virgin extensions are specially manufactured to ensure that the cuticle layers flow in the same direction from root to end, minimizing tangling and matting. The truth is that the hair can be reused up to at least a year and can be shampooed, heat styled and colored while still maintaining its original beauty and vitality for natural-looking, flawless looks.

 Types of the wig are very various depending on your demand and we hope that after reading this post, you will find out a suitable wig that suits well with you. If you are interested in the article, follow our website for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides.