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How does this hairstyle originate?

Jheri curl (commonly written Jerry curl or Jeri curl) is a fixed wave hairstyle that was popular with African Americans in the 1980s. Invented by hairdresser Jheri Redding, Jerry curl brings for people a sleek look.

Jerry curls require a two-part application that consists of a softener (often called a "rearranging cream") to loosen the hair, and a solution to set the curls. The rearranging cream uses pungent chemicals, causing the naturally tight curls to loosen. The looser curls are then set and a chemical solution is then added to the hair to permanently curl it.

This hairstyle takes a lot of time, effort and cost to maintain. The chemicals make the hair naturally brittle and dry. To maintain Jerry curls hair, they need to use a daily moisturizer.


African women's hair is natural, however to avoid hair damage, they also use wigs. Stemming from the need for beauty, most African women want to shine thanks to the skillful hands of the designers, so the unique and impressive Jerry curls hairstyles are born.


The long Jerry curls make African women more confident

Africans take women's hairstyles very seriously. The more unique the shape, the color, the variations, the more eye-catching and the more complex it proves their creativity and feminine beauty. Each woman has to spend at least $ 10 to own a wig and 1 month they have to spend $ 100 to go to a hair salon. Each person spends around 20-30 USD on complex hairstyles along with hair care costs. So hairdressing in Africa is very prosperous. Every month, every hairdresser has a salary of about 1000 USD. A salary makes them happy and full.

To get Jerry curls hair, it will take you a lot of time and hairdresser also takes a lot of effort and you will look stronger and more daring with this hairstyle. Despite the difficult economy, women in some African countries still spend a lot of money having beautiful hair.

"I need braided hair to look better" - 25 years old Nigerian girl named Blessing James shared. In this country, many women like James are willing to spend a few hours repairing hair for $ 40. In the summer using wigs uncomfortable, but the women here don't reduce the love for wigs.

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The chief executive of L’Oreal South Africa - Mr. Bertrand de Laleu also expressed his assessment: West African women change their hairstyles more often than South African women. In general, African women are probably the most daring ones when doing hair. They can unexpectedly choose a new haircut like never before or spend a lot of money to style it.”


In addition to Jerry Curls hair, in Africa they also have other special hairstyles:

  1. "Box-shaped" braids

This is one of the most beautiful and popular hairstyles in the continent. Almost everyone, from ordinary people to singers and actors in Africa really likes it.


  1. Hair rope

At first glance, you will see them more like ropes than braids. The reason why they become so huge is that the wig is attached by light materials. The materials used here are light, soft fibers, creating a more comfortable feeling.

  1. Long curls hair

Ever since Zendaya - the talented Disney entertainment actress, singer, and dancer appeared on the red carpet with her long curls wig has sparked a trend of new hair fashion. The style is made up of large, thick curls swept from top to bottom.

  1. Braided hair twill

This type of crochet braided hair has more curl. First plait each strand of hair, then release and use a hook to style. The ripples of hair are made up of hot water or curled by the Perm method.


In short, the hairstyles preferred by Africans are extremely unique and fancy hairstyles. Thanks to the impressive inspiration from Africa, many stars in the world are now adopting this trend of Jerry curls hair wig. However, not everyone fits this hairstyle. If you like and want to experience it then check out the hairstyles at Apostore - Here specializes in providing wigs made from human hair, ensure the natural and very good quality.

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