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If you are trying to find a reliable hair supplier, do not hesitate to come with us. We are Apohair, one of the most famous Vietnamese virgin hair vendors. So, what enables us to be in this great present position in the hair market?

What is Vietnamese virgin hair?

Actually, it is quite easy to understand. Vietnamese virgin hair is the hair which is collected from Vietnamese women. Vietnamese hair gets the lowest level of being processed. Also, this hair is famous for its natural status. When customers come to choose our hair products, you can comfortably have it changed in any style. The hair will always look like it is your real hair.

Benefits of using Vietnamese virgin hair of Apohair

There are lots of benefits that you can see in our Vietnamese virgin hair.

Firstly, there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in any products made in Vietnamese virgin hair. Therefore, you do not need to wonder whether your hair may be damaged after the application of our hair or not.

Secondly, Vietnamese virgin hair of us is also available with various textures. It can be straight texture which includes kinky straight and yaki straight. It is wavy textures, consisting of natural wavy, body wavy. Besides, curly hair is very popular. Deep curly, romantic curly are in the best options for all of you. For curly and wavy textures, the waves and curls can last up forever as long as the hairs are still durable and taken with care.

It is true that you will not need to take care of wavy or curly hairs as often as you do with straight hair extensions. Why is it? Because when scalp generates oil, it will help to define the curly and waves more. In Apohair, you will find it easier to get a natural long hair. The explanation for this is that Vietnamese women have a healthy lifestyle. As a result, their hair will not be under much process in our production.

Reasons for Apohair to become a famous Vietnamese virgin hair vendor

We can ensure with all of you about our hair quality. All the hair products are 100% Vietnamese remy human hair which has never been processed or treated with any kind of chemicals. We would also want to bring you the information that and the human hair is always in its natural state.

For our Vietnamese virgin hair, you can bleach, dye and process it type without worrying about tangle and shed.  In addition, our hairs are durable and high quality because of the fact that they are real human hairs, the life expectancy is really excellent.

If you like Vietnamese virgin hair, please come with us and try on our best quality products. We are always here to support all of you.