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Grey hair has been very popular in recent years, and it is never goes out of fashion. According to our survey, each month there are over 10000 people in the UK go for grey hair dye. This season promises to be the exploration of grey hair again, so this post today will reveal for you some amazing guides to embracing your grey hair.

Firstly, I will take you through some awesome pictures of celebrities’ grey hair to see how sleek, shiny, silver they are in grey hair.

Dascha Polanco

See? Grey hair really compliment her skin.

Lady Gaga

The grey hair in combination with Lady Gaga has become a legend. Anywhere we see Lady Gaga, ,she is always gorgeous in grey hair.

Hilary Duff

As you may know Hilary seems like to change hairstyle regularly. Sometimes, we see her so colorful and active in rainbow of shapes. Sometimes, we see her shining with bright pink, and most recently, she is really cool and sexy with ombre grey.

How to get grey hair?

Now I will show you some useful tips when you take grey to scalp.

Firstly, you should prepare a slight burning sensation from the bleach. And remember that it takes a long time to take it on.

Secondly, you should know that to take on grey means you are lightening your hair, which makes your hair weaker and weaker.

Some grey hair dye products which are good for hair are L’Oreal Professionnel Platinum or pre-lighter. One thing really important is that you have to check the sensitivity of your hair with these products

In case you are sensitive with hair dyes, you still want to own a gorgeous grey hair, you should try out wigs.