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When the name Game of Thrones is called, it will be a big mistake if we miss Emilia Clarke. Or if you are a fan of romantic film –Me before you-, you definitely are a fan of Emilia Clarke too. After many years in her thick acting career, Emilia Clarke still keeps her bright smile and her flawless beauty.  This article today will reveal for you what creates her glamor.

According to Emilia Clarke, what makes us beautiful is when we are happy and comfortable with things we wear. There are many factors that define the beauty of each person, but today I will just show yu how to have beautiful hair with Emilia Clarke.

Emilia thinks that she will be most beautiful when she put on hair color which makes her feel most like herself. Now let’s take a look at which color hair that she feel most like herself.

Blonde color is the first one she mention. She said :’ This is hard because I love being blonde,’’ Blonde and her skin seem like they are born to be combine with each other. They complement each other. Her smile is the best impression in her face. Whenever she shows up, we always see her white teeth, and we also feel our heart smelt with her flawless makeup. Emilia also said that she loved classic makeup look, which make her beautiful in different way with many other celebrities.

Brown hair color is also her favorite one. Brown really makes her look younger. In addition, Emilia always know to use lipstick to match with her hair. She admits that’ I am always changing my hair color, so my favorite red lipstick also changes all the time. She also says that Red lip, black liquid eyeliner and lashes are all what she needs to be gorgeous in her own way.

Emilia Clarke also calls her a brunette. Look at her bun in this picture, how elegant she is in brunette hair. When Emilia changes hair to brunette, she prefers darker reds lipstick. It is a great match really.

All these color that I mention above are styled in many hairstyles like short curly hair, long wavy hair… All of them create a new Emilia every time she shows up. Emilia is in short hair right now and she makes us have to take into consideration about what she says: ‘ it is a powerful point of view when you know you don’t need anything to enhance your natural beauty.'