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You often hear from some hair companies or hair salons that they only use remy hair in the process of producing new hair products or styling new hairstyles. At that time, we believe that some of you just concern that the hair is human hair but don’t know exactly what is remy hair. This article will help provide you the most basic information about remy hair and analyze to answer why this type of hair is better for hair extensions.

What do you know about remy hair?

Many people usually confuse remy hair with virgin hair. In fact, these are two different concepts. What are the differences?

Firstly, virgin hair is commonly known as a chemically unprocessed human hair that is collected from a single donor.

Remy hair is a type of hair that is gathered from the head of donors or producers in the most effective way to keep the hair’s cuticles properly aligned in relation to its neighboring hairs.

In other words, virgin hair can also be understand as the remy hair that has not ever been altered or processed by dyes, perms, bleached or harsh washes. However, the reverse is not true all the time. It means remy hair is not necessarily virgin hair. That type of remy hair may have ever been colored, permed or styled in different textures.

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Remy hair and non remy hair

If you don’t take a careful look to the hair bundle, it’s hard for you to know to make out if it is remy hair or not. What happen if the hair strands in a bundle do not face the same direction? At that time, instead of remy hair, we are going to call this non-remy hair.

Non-remy hair is the leftover hair that in most cases is collected from the floors of temples and salons. This hair is later recycled to make a weft or other types of hair extensions.

In general, the prices of hair products made of non-remy hair is quite cheap. At first, you will see that the hairstyle looks quite gorgeous but in fact, you can only use it in good conditions for the first time or two/three times. Later, you realize that it is difficult to comb the hair. Non-remy hair can easily be shedding and tangled as the hair itself does not possess the strands which face the same direction. In this situation, some sellers often dip the hair in a silicone coating to try to disguise the hair.

Why should we use remy hair to make hair extensions?

There are many reasons which make remy hair become the best choice of many hair suppliers. What are they?

Firstly, remy hair is one of the highest grade of hair for hair extensions. Remy hair is no doubt 100% human hair. It means the hair is not synthetic hair. Just hearing that remy hair is human hair, you will certainly be impressive. Indeed, when the remy hair is human hair, you do not need to worry too much about the hair quality. You don’t have to think about someday when the synthetic hair melts at high temperatures.

Secondly, because remy hair refers to human hair which is collected from the scalp where the cuticle is kept pointed in the same direction as the hair around it, you can make sure that all the hair flows naturally from the same direction. As a result, the hair stays silkier and softer.

Where to buy human remy hair?

You want to buy pretty human remy hair extensions with reasonable prices but you don’t know where and how to find a reliable hair supplier. Then we are here. In APO’s store, we provide all types of hair extensions which are made of 100% human remy hair. In our collection, we have weft hair, clip in hair, tip hair, tape hair, bulk hair and many others. With all our efforts, we are trying to make the best hair extensions with various colors, textures and lengths.

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you are going to buy some hair extensions for your new look. Apostore believes that our human remy hair extensions are always in the best quality and you will definitely be satisfied with our hair extensions.