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Celebrities are always stunning when they are on the stage or in the red carpet which makes people curious about the normal life of them especially when they do not put on makeup. Do they look the same as when they are on stage or do they are the same as our ordinary life?

Katy Perry is the name that never gets out of the concern of people because of both her strong characteristics and her talent. So what if one day you see her without makeup? Would you be surprised? Many celebrities were judged a lot when they are not put on makeup because they look totally different from what people see in the stage. Would Katy Perry be the same as the other celebrities and what if she puts on no makeup? Keep on reading this article to explore this mysterious thing.

Perry puts no makeup

Katy Perry no makeup on stage

But firstly let’s take a look at her glorious appearance on the stage. You may be very familiar with her name in the world of pop music. Whenever she was on stage, she always burned the stage with her active song. Her appearance is also her big plus for her fame now. Her styles are always renewed every time she showed up. Everything on her body is matched perfectly in a special way.

When Katy Perry is not in makeup, we actually see the different side of her soul- a soul of flawlessness. Do you believe it?

If Katy Perry puts on no makeup and wearing a hoodie, you may not believe she is turning 33 years old. Her beautiful smile still shines like the sun without any makeup.

Perry puts no makeup

Katy Perry no makeup to the rustic face

What about her appearance when Katy Perry preparing to get into the stage?

What makes people love her more than ever is that although Katy Perry is not wearing any makeup, she is never afraid to take a shoot. Her beautiful smile is always on her face. This wonderful thing makes her more and more attractive and younger than ever.

Katy Perry no makeup 

People could easily catch up with her natural beauty in the studio too. Go to the studio seems like a familiar task on a daily basis of Katy Perry. She usually does not bother when taking a photo with her face in no makeup. But her appearance never disappoints us because of her bright smile on her face. Moreover, her beautiful voice could melt our hearts too.

What if you see her in the street with a closer look? Or you could see her in close look in the shoot of paparazzi. Maybe the view of the paparazzi is the most trustworthy source for us, despite this fact, we could not keep her eyes off her face.

Perry puts no makeup

No makeup and Katy Perry still shines with her natural look

Even when Katy Perry puts on no makeup, we are still quickly attracted by the natural beauty of this talented and pretty singer. From all of these views, it can be denied that putting on no makeup is not Katy Perry problem. It seems that she appeared very freely in public in her no makeup face.